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U.S. DIRTNECK 21 時間 前
Matthew Leddy
Matthew Leddy 21 時間 前
Man I love Jon Anik, such good vibes
andyquinntv 21 時間 前
Nothing takes you out of the moment more than getting skull fucked by ads every few mins. No one watches that shit, leave them out
Black Vito - Moneyology
Black Vito - Moneyology 21 時間 前
Great fights to start the year! Max Holloway just went crazy, and this should be great too
Brian Magee
Brian Magee 21 時間 前
Not a boxer bae
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell 21 時間 前
Diego gets stinky pinky in this one.
Алексей Волошин
Алексей Волошин 21 時間 前
Подумал что олейник
true teller
true teller 21 時間 前
Chandler still talking and no fighting
Nick Pan
Nick Pan 21 時間 前
They show all Conor great moments until he gets tapped lol
Allen Hyun
Allen Hyun 21 時間 前
The Diamond has the heart of a warrior, and he is going to walk in that cage with a vengeance. I’m hype!
Lourd Arun Raj
Lourd Arun Raj 21 時間 前
"Great is still levels below me" - Conor McGregor
Bugzy Spado
Bugzy Spado 21 時間 前
The craziest shit about this is the fact that 2014 was 6 yrs ago. Wild. Obviously I know how time works but damn.
Molly Young
Molly Young 21 時間 前
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slowmopoke 21 時間 前
Joe" gigantopithacus" Rogan
Just a sec
Just a sec 21 時間 前
Khabib has just watched this like he would the Disney channel...
Fiach O'Connor
Fiach O'Connor 21 時間 前
I'm so excited I could s**t!
a b
a b 21 時間 前
This fight is just sad.
JJ 21 時間 前
Sad to see Diego getting dominated, he shoulda retired years ago but now hes going through the bj Penn phase
greycatturtle 21 時間 前
poirier at 145 was drained... have you seen mcgregor at 145 lmfaoo
Wendel Martins
Wendel Martins 21 時間 前
0:36 song?
spacetime 21 時間 前
I just placed a $225 bet on Dustin Poirier to win, the odds are way to good, my potential payout is like $745. My first time betting on a UFC match. I think people are way undervaluing DP's skills.
Peter Thiessen
Peter Thiessen 21 時間 前
I like Conner the best when he is sitting against the fence, completely destroyed. You can't believe anything that Conner says. Conner said that he would beat Khabib.
JuJu Neale
JuJu Neale 21 時間 前
The people’s main event
Yxng Vxid
Yxng Vxid 21 時間 前
11:25 joe rogan forgot this was live television
nsaibi alaeddine
nsaibi alaeddine 21 時間 前
How Dustin talks real talk about khabib and mcgregor still salty 😂
Jesus From America
Jesus From America 21 時間 前
Don’t you ever talk about his mom
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG 21 時間 前
McGreggor Nurmagomedov 2 - It's happening. . . .
Miguel D
Miguel D 21 時間 前
Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough. ♥️
Jasjit Bajwa
Jasjit Bajwa 21 時間 前
Damn Chiesa is massive
David Squires
David Squires 21 時間 前
oh no holy fuck! yo 🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺🈺
420 Senju3
420 Senju3 21 時間 前
Hope it dont be like Israel and pola
Space Catboy
Space Catboy 21 時間 前
Levo 21 時間 前
Chiesa is really good.
PLayAshEFF72 21 時間 前
Dustin is actually a likeable kid. 6 years ago I thought he was a fuckin little clown and wanted Connor to whoop him, oh how shit changed. Now I wouldnt mind seeing Connor on his ass. Something died inside me as a fan of his after that Khabib press conference and the distasteful racial comments.
Eleanor Funkin
Eleanor Funkin 21 時間 前
I feel like it doesn't get said enough, if ever, but Dan Hooker is kind of irritating. He said that same shit before Poirier and got his face rearranged. Poirier, not known for his grappling pedigree, also held and kept him down and actually finished the fight pounding his face in back mount on the ground. So yeah, idk. Excuse me for thinking it, I just find him overconfident and annoying.
Mitsos D
Mitsos D 21 時間 前
Cant wait! Conor all day!!!
Tim R
Tim R 21 時間 前
This is the fight where Diego found out the UFC fighters were now running on synthetic, not 5-20 regular
dustin spears
dustin spears 21 時間 前
Dustin p gets knocked out in 40 seconds
Filip #%&
Filip #%& 21 時間 前
Poirier become a really good fighter. I belive he will win this fight!
aj jones
aj jones 21 時間 前
Me and u one on one
L2K2 21 時間 前
This Justin Guy ain’t ready for the champ champ
J G 21 時間 前
kattar lost but he got the shine from holloway. hel be back
Villy P
Villy P 21 時間 前
check out my recent to see which spicy chicken burger is betterrrr
David Steinke
David Steinke 21 時間 前
Hooker vs chandler was 7 minutes lmao
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker 21 時間 前
Can't call who will win this hoping Conor gets the dub
Mijym 21 時間 前
plz UFC just release diegoo ...
Craig m
Craig m 21 時間 前
It's the mcgregor show 🔥
DunKnoThaMySpace 21 時間 前
Jon Anik cursing now 😂
Turnt Jesus
Turnt Jesus 21 時間 前
Weight classes are false advertising
Manaburden 2
Manaburden 2 21 時間 前
Diego's in the last throes of his career & humanity
Md Ahmed
Md Ahmed 21 時間 前
Men with his word. Alhamdulillal. Very rare you will get some people like him. MashaAllah proud to you brother
jessica griffin
jessica griffin 21 時間 前
Maximus Craziest
Maximus Craziest 21 時間 前
Wow Max is such a nice guy
el houcine mensouri
el houcine mensouri 21 時間 前
Chad Mathew
Chad Mathew 21 時間 前
How many times does Connor have to beat the sh!t out of Dustin I lm a fan of Dustin but the Irishman is to much for him
Cazz Strew
Cazz Strew 21 時間 前
They shit all over Diego but don't forget he's nearly 40yrs old at this point, guys a warrior!
Randominator 21 時間 前
17:35 wth is that lolol.. why
J.M. Reyes
J.M. Reyes 21 時間 前
After the punch at 3:00 I knew Piorier was going down
anfiteatroflavio 21 時間 前
Dustin improved so much
Michael Coutinho
Michael Coutinho 21 時間 前
Bored 😩 f 18 minutes ....miss Connor and first round finisher..😔
Zain_ul_abideen 21 時間 前
I bet on mcgregor 🔥
KK 21 時間 前
im hyped
el houcine mensouri
el houcine mensouri 21 時間 前
Lomia Seliga
Lomia Seliga 21 時間 前
Hope Dustin is up for this coz Connor is a faster and smart striker, it's going to be a great fight. I'll take Dustin no matter what 💪💪🤛
Ruslan L
Ruslan L 21 時間 前
It's hard to think of Hooker as that top of the foodchain dog after Barboza fight
Kyle Watanabe
Kyle Watanabe 21 時間 前
Love seeing a disrespectful Pettis get his ass kicked.
Unleashed Qasim
Unleashed Qasim 21 時間 前
If only mcgregor was humble I would’ve loved him doesn’t mean that I don’t think he’s amazing but had he just been humble....
mason chadwick
mason chadwick 21 時間 前
Hell yea team Holland keep kickin ass bro!
Jack St.
Jack St. 21 時間 前
It’s really interesting seeing people at the weigh in without a scratch on their face and then seeing them after the fight with a bruised up, scarred up face.
Live Life L0uD
Live Life L0uD 21 時間 前
dont forget that max can still never beat volk or tripple c ha ha ha
RED 21 時間 前
11:25 Joe expressing what he wants to do to you at night😳
bro mix
bro mix 21 時間 前
chur dan all the best bro,u make them feel N.Z. KAHA..
Kibira Njoroge
Kibira Njoroge 21 時間 前
This is why I love mixed martial arts. Boxing can’t stand up this game.
Blue Mazar
Blue Mazar 21 時間 前
Diego needs to take that bubble training more seriously!
Draxvelo 21 時間 前
8:20 the nelk boys
Poe 21 時間 前
Michael fought at 155 at 6'1. I never understood why people need to be emaciated to fight smaller people.
Petain Phaphilom
Petain Phaphilom 21 時間 前
Cutthroat records, hah naw Chopthoat, records.
Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes 21 時間 前
Damn I can't wait
Gregory Nickelsen
Gregory Nickelsen 21 時間 前
Swimming is the best exercise
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz 21 時間 前