Dana White Announces Contract Winners | Week 9 - Contender Series Season 4

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

16 日 前

UFC president Dana White announces who earned a UFC contract as a result of Week 9's fights on Season 4 of Dana White's Contender Series on Tuesday night.
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Avinoam Ben-michael
Avinoam Ben-michael 8 日 前
lets goooooooooooooo Nathan levy
rave 8 日 前
natan levy is amazing
Hod Pinhas
Hod Pinhas 9 日 前
Natan GL my man!
Andreas Stjerneklar Kristensen
Andreas Stjerneklar Kristensen 10 日 前
ngl this feels kinda fucked up. i mean its already people putting their body on the line facing permanent damage every milisecond to make cash and this makes it feel more brutal.
Tzouk Garashe
Tzouk Garashe 10 日 前
Does anybody know when we get to see Matan Levy next fight?
Jay Freeman
Jay Freeman 11 日 前
Mazel Tov NAtan ... you earned it!
bougie ma vie
bougie ma vie 13 日 前
Sam 13 日 前
Coked out Dana deciding these peoples livelyhood on a fucking whim while zoomed in on there faces. Dana can go to hell.
eddy lucas
eddy lucas 13 日 前
We need another Tito ortiz in the ufc One that will actually fuck up dana this time
Alrimate 13 日 前
They won’t be so happy when they they become popular and don’t even have enough money for rent
Paul Hibbard
Paul Hibbard 13 日 前
Dana better get used to hearing: "AAAAAAANNNNNDD NEEEEEEEEEEEW President-Elect of the United States of America, Joe 'Not Sleepy just Tired of Yo Shit' Biden!!!!!!
Keith Hodgson
Keith Hodgson 13 日 前
I bet Dana is fed up his orange friend is a loser. 🤣🤣
MR 14 日 前
Wow the Shahbazyan's need to give up on fighting. Ronda, Edmen, now this guy. They clearly aren't doing something right. Rowe was there for the taking in the 1st. For someone supposedly so knowledgeable about striking you think he Shahbazyan would teach his fighters how to cut someone off. Fighters are fighting their hearts out but they are beat before it even begins because their coach is too proud to admit he doesn't know what he is doing on an elite level. Hell any geek off the street can see that. Case and point
MR 14 日 前
What drugs did Ricky Steele (1st fight of the night) take before his fight? His was geeked on something. His eyes were not normal. My guess would be cocaine, possibly speed
Free mason Blood sacrifice all Masons and their appendage bodies.
F M 14 日 前
Sanko is the face of this show. She is so beautiful
gooker booker
gooker booker 14 日 前
Natan Levy make some waves!
Aviv Nakash
Aviv Nakash 14 日 前
🇮🇱 Natan Levy is a beast
Artem 14 日 前
Danny debatello blocked me on Instagram for commenting that he’s not a real fighter on one of his posts😂😂😂😂😂😂what a clown
Artem 14 日 前
Glad that first dude didn’t get a contract. After talking that much shit he layed in his opponent for 15 minutes without giving him a single Scratch. I get being confident cocky but when you’re just cocky and win a fight like that there is nothing special about it. What an idiot
Selling Silverman
Selling Silverman 14 日 前
Dana and Laura have the same short pug nose
Notorious Mch
Notorious Mch 14 日 前
Conor is a fraud clown
אלנתן כהן
אלנתן כהן 15 日 前
סוף סוף נתן ימלך
Amar Bahi
Amar Bahi 15 日 前
What's her name?
Batcat 15 日 前
Well done Natan for following your dream and proving yourself to those who mocked you. All the best for your UFC career. Go hard bro!!!
נתן אוזן אוזן
נתן אוזן אוזן 15 日 前
מגיע לך אלוף
Colby __
Colby __ 15 日 前
Dana "he's got a lot of holes in his game" White 😂 #KevinLee
U C 15 日 前
Laura's beauty is making uncle Dana so difficult to think 🔥
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 15 日 前
Dima K
Dima K 15 日 前
Natannnn lets gooo israell
YVX FLEX 15 日 前
I usually don’t like to laugh at others misfortune but I’m so glad the first guy didn’t get a contract he came in like a huge douche and was talking a lot of big shit then sat in his opponents guard for 3 rounds and even talked more shit afterwards I honestly got so much joy from seeing him sitting there angry af cause he didn’t get signed next time be humble or at least back up your shit talk
alon azouri
alon azouri 15 日 前
Natan levyyyyy🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
שמואל כהן
שמואל כהן 15 日 前
Natan Levy the fucking Best ! Long live Israel
Álvaro 15 日 前
What's this bald fat guy talking about killer instinct and holes in games?
FlawlessGold 15 日 前
Give Anthony Romero his shot!
AKT!VE 15 日 前
I would be embarrassed because old girl was the only person with a real good finish
AKT!VE 15 日 前
This dude was making excuses with that 20 day training camp bull crap either you want it or you don’t plain n simple
Zachary Jaworsky
Zachary Jaworsky 15 日 前
“He’s got holes in his game”- Dana “Kevin Lee” White
タタラ 14 日 前
A kevin Lee le dijo eso?
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn 14 日 前
Literally thought the same thing, happy someone said this😂
NTX Tactical
NTX Tactical 15 日 前
Yo Dana you should hold fights for regular dudes, and the winners get awarded a night with Laura Sanko.
Sagapam Keshav
Sagapam Keshav 15 日 前
hoow can these people stay so focused around Laura Sanko
FiveDaysFitter !
FiveDaysFitter ! 15 日 前
lol this is a really bizarre situation.
Lucky's Life
Lucky's Life 15 日 前
Hey corny bloated cocaine, no more locking children in cages huh? SAD! lol
R3D R34V3R
R3D R34V3R 15 日 前
2:04 Zionist confirmed!
Алишер Сайд
Алишер Сайд 15 日 前
Lolz Romy
Lolz Romy 15 日 前
Nathan Levi!🇮🇱🤍💙❤️
The5GIO5 15 日 前
What does Dana do with his money
Michael Razayev
Michael Razayev 15 日 前
ננתתתןןןןןןן ללווייייייייייי🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bibah Videos
Bibah Videos 15 日 前
Did he just say Isreal and Hollywood wants him 🤔
Luis Nicolau
Luis Nicolau 15 日 前
Souza looked so heartbroken
786 body fitness
786 body fitness 15 日 前
Beautiful video 🌹😍🤩
DEEZVIC 15 日 前
I know mexican judo. Judo know I have a knife. Judo know I have a gun.
boogie 15 日 前
H Rodriguez
H Rodriguez 15 日 前
Damn girl
DEEZVIC 15 日 前
I believe this a talented guy and he's gonna make me some money : Dana White.
Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez 15 日 前
It sucks to watch people's dreams come crashing down on them. That shit must fucking suck to be told you didnt do enough in the fight
Harzon 15 日 前
Blue Shirt dude such a douche
wow za
wow za 15 日 前
Thumbnail looking like Dana got a knife towards the reporter
John E
John E 15 日 前
The new administration will have an issue with the UFC. In 2022, the UFC will move out of the US
Matteo Antignani
Matteo Antignani 15 日 前
Literally noone : Brazilians : soy mui feliz
Mauricio Hiure
Mauricio Hiure 15 日 前
*estou muito feliz ftfy
Francisco Palacios
Francisco Palacios 15 日 前
I think 11 of 10 brazilians are killing machines.🤷🏻‍♂️
jason bourne
jason bourne 15 日 前
are you ready to be the ronda rousey of the strawweight division....cmon man
LioSlayer 15 日 前
translation: Are you ready to go on win streak and then get head kicked and KOed into retirement?
nir S
nir S 15 日 前
Natan levy looks amazing love him and he is from my country lets goo!!
Mimou S
Mimou S 14 日 前
@nir S Never heard of it.
Murdoch Murdoch
Murdoch Murdoch 14 日 前
@nir S never heard of it
nir S
nir S 15 日 前
@L Mmaboxing no
nir S
nir S 15 日 前
@Murdoch Murdoch israel
nir S
nir S 15 日 前
@Mimou S isreal
Dan Ben Zaken
Dan Ben Zaken 15 日 前
Tom Bechar
Tom Bechar 15 日 前
Natan levy a beast
Russell Jones
Russell Jones 8 日 前
@NO PLACE TO HIDE WME - IMG (Endeavor) is a Hollywood Agent company and owner of UFC with 2 head of Jewish guys Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell
Omry G
Omry G 13 日 前
@NO PLACE TO HIDE Israel is a few Million people for the UFC market and they will all be watching his fights because its such a small nation, so the company knows that even bringing a lower ranked guy is going to instantly increase their market
Tom Bechar
Tom Bechar 15 日 前
@NO PLACE TO HIDE that finally there's an israeli (good one) fighter in the ufc
Nome Cult Joe
Nome Cult Joe 15 日 前
Congratulations on the opportunity guys. Just remember, it's not a career!
M00nShad00w 15 日 前
Lol Dana's comment at the jew fighter! He got every stereotypical jew excited!
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn 14 日 前
Media won't make Juus look bad cause that would be anti semetic
TrikShotsGaming 15 日 前
First guy who didn’t get contract asked his opponent at weigh in how he wants to be finished. Then dude comes out and lays on him for 3 rounds
ER1CxF 13 日 前
I couldn't tell you how happy I was to see him not get signed. His style needs to die
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores 14 日 前
😂 he looks pissed
corey hardisty
corey hardisty 15 日 前
I was 💀 when I saw that. Threw a million elbows and punches and not a bruise or scratch on his opponent. That kid was the biggest chode on the card for sure. You talk that much shit you better finish someone, or else you look like a dumbass afterward not getting that contract. Boring ass fighter
Thompson 15 日 前
Last guy was gonna cry.
MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life
MMA BOXING bodybuilding steroids STIM it life 15 日 前
Indeed the President has uncovered the deep swamp that is the Democratic Party. Our President Donald J. TRUMP has done everything he promised, is transparent, truthful, good and G-d fearing. Long live our President Donald J. TRUMP. WE LOVE YOU!! Keep up the fight for our country. President Donald J Trump is the best President in our history of our country..
Mahiyan Salman
Mahiyan Salman 15 日 前
I love the announcer she is fucking hot damn
John Parker
John Parker 15 日 前
Dan S.
Dan S. 15 日 前
Brazilian fighter: Honda Housey, I love you. Interpreter: Ronda Rousey, I love you.
Deyan Krustev
Deyan Krustev 15 日 前
I like that model too
Det Trials
Det Trials 15 日 前
Hajar we lah
PHELEEKS Eh 15 日 前
Stupid translator
bougie ma vie
bougie ma vie 15 日 前
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV 15 日 前
Dana's not a fighter. He can't say these words, he should only get to say bried answers, his opinion ≠ fight facts.
Dorozen 93
Dorozen 93 15 日 前
Nathan Levy remember the name 🇮🇱🇮🇱
roikik 15 日 前
Go Natan!
Amitay Ben Atar
Amitay Ben Atar 15 日 前
what a great performance from Natan levy, wish him good luck at the UFC and waiting for his first event
Aviv Nakash
Aviv Nakash 14 日 前
@NO PLACE TO HIDE he was joking that many of them are jewish and were happy to see a fighter from israel
Thunderfist McBeefcake
Thunderfist McBeefcake 15 日 前
2:05 weird.
Dana Pink
Dana Pink 15 日 前
The Power of the Zionists... Straight to Hollywood
Harley French
Harley French 15 日 前
Carlos Ulberg from New Zealand is the next big thing out of City kickboxing Auckland
Nadav Schweiger
Nadav Schweiger 15 日 前
Go Natan Levy!
Talking NPC
Talking NPC 15 日 前
KDkorMEvol2 15 日 前
It's Nathan Levy army mfs
Bruce wayne
Bruce wayne 15 日 前
One Dimensional WTF, tony said Khabib was One Dimensional
Jay 15 日 前
Uncle Dana: You knuckle heads beat each other up and have the thirst to fight every other weak like Khamzat, I’ll make sure you get a contract. Your fight money will be paying for my son’s University fees. Ha Ha Ha Ha Aren’t these guys fking AWESOME.
mystomachurts2005 15 日 前
Winners!!! Either gonna be underpaid or pushed too soon
maromg100 15 日 前
Amazing performance by Natan Levy 🇮🇱
Ron Shavit
Ron Shavit 15 日 前
Can't wait to see Natan Levy in the UFC!!!
Z.S z.s
Z.S z.s 15 日 前
🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱Let's go natan
Z.S z.s
Z.S z.s 14 日 前
@Murdoch Murdoch 🤡
Murdoch Murdoch
Murdoch Murdoch 15 日 前
Die juden
Yehezkel Nafshy
Yehezkel Nafshy 15 日 前
natan levy !
R3D R34V3R
R3D R34V3R 15 日 前
꧁TigerDragon꧂ 15 日 前
That power chick is fine.
P And
P And 14 日 前
@Emmanuel hes a jealous fruitcake
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn 14 日 前
@Kansas Geoff says the guy who probably pays for Only Fans you moron
꧁TigerDragon꧂ 14 日 前
@Selling Silverman *lol*
Selling Silverman
Selling Silverman 14 日 前
Kansas Geoff looks like they told you birch 🌳
꧁TigerDragon꧂ 15 日 前
@Kansas Geoff You into dudes or something?
Aziz Khammar عبدالعزيز المصعبي 2
Aziz Khammar عبدالعزيز المصعبي 2 15 日 前
Have you noticed for RDA records 😅😅😅 That was Islam's records😅😅😅😅😅😅🤗
regev darhi
regev darhi 15 日 前
Natan Levy is the next big thing! 🥇
Bibah Videos
Bibah Videos 15 日 前
Mate all the Dagestanis will be after him now lol
Z.S z.s
Z.S z.s 15 日 前
Time will tell
Mimou S
Mimou S 15 日 前
next big bum
Matthew Neufer
Matthew Neufer 15 日 前
Hes Critiqueing these guys hard
jesse jes
jesse jes 15 日 前
As he should
عاشق لاءِ ِ پئسا ڳوليو
عاشق لاءِ ِ پئسا ڳوليو 15 日 前
Throttle1787 15 日 前
What kind of contract is it that they won?
JUSTnMOTO 15 日 前
contract to suck meat. borgers with double chezz to be exact. also, juice with ice.
Matthew Haun
Matthew Haun 15 日 前
It’s so hard to focus on anything with Mrs. Sanko doing the interviews. She is just too damn Beautiful 😍🤯👀.... Wow. God why’d you make her that perfect??? Not fair. ☺️❤️🙏🇺🇸🌎🥊🥋🤼
9uard 15 日 前
I agree. I just can't stop me watching to this nice bOOts :D
Teacher G
Teacher G 15 日 前
I think that Mario Souza deserved that contract..😕🙏
Smerch 14 日 前
Lmao he didn’t even win the fight How do you justify a contract you homer?
EreTheEra 15 日 前
@Rory Bray the guy he was fighting is a beast as well , these 2 can easily beat ufc fights but they just happen to cross paths rn but watch they will both be back against diff people and straight hammer them
Teacher G
Teacher G 15 日 前
@Frank Gonzales I think that , it doesn’t matter if u are on the top or in the bottom , the punches that it should counts, Mario landed more punches the whole fight , and I trink the referes saw this way , only Dana white had a different Blind point of view
Frank Gonzales
Frank Gonzales 15 日 前
@corey hardisty Crazy Bias, even from the commentators. I had it 29/28 Sousa too. He had some really great strikes and bottom game.
Lawrence M.
Lawrence M. 15 日 前
@corey hardisty ... How do you think he’d do against a chain wrestler like let’s say Khamzat Chimaev? He’s was against a guy with no top game. And Sousa is not a submission threat from the bottom either so people would always take him down and maul him.
Lee Ortiz
Lee Ortiz 15 日 前
Have padded record? Can KO an obvious journeyman ? You got a shot in the ufc! Come to dwcs, where we over exaggerate fighters skills.
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