Free Fight: Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva | 2016

  再生回数 5,563,335

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

7 ヶ月 前

Michael Bisping, winner of TUF season three, won a razor-close contest with Anderson Silva at the O2 arena in London back in 2016.
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The Homie 420
The Homie 420 2 時間 前
Alekzy 5 時間 前
still can't believe Michael won this🤦🏾‍♂️
phyo wai
phyo wai 7 時間 前
Why Silva lose?
Littenz 8 時間 前
The drug addict vs the big mouthed
Ashley Hockenberry
Ashley Hockenberry 15 時間 前
Bisping is one tough dude!
Greased up deaf guy
Greased up deaf guy 19 時間 前
Anderson obviously won dont be fooled
Azhar S
Azhar S 日 前
Such a boring fighter to watch Andersson Silva ..
Daniel Marquardt
Daniel Marquardt 日 前
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 日 前
Rong decision
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 日 前
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NeaonBHB 日 前
These announcers are fully tokked.
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 日 前
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Nick Balog
Nick Balog 日 前
Silva won all 3 of the last rounds bisping literally had no significant strikes after he got kneed in the face how did he get the win?
Henry Bonner
Henry Bonner 11 時間 前
You’re mad. But you have to give respect he couldn’t see much the whole fight and he still carried on
Melissa Haire
Melissa Haire 2 日 前
I'm actually pretty impressed that Bisping's glass eye never popped out like his mouth piece did!!! Great fight!! Hall of fame's right there!!
TexterEX 2 日 前
WHAT a prick I was wondering why Silva kept looking at the ref
SleightEdge 2 日 前
Silva needed to just stop playing with his food, so frustrating to watch him hold back when he could have easily finished Bisping with as much talent as he has. I feel like Silva has done this in a lot of fights though. I mean, too many title defenses got him bored?
Sangerbois Vang
Sangerbois Vang 2 日 前
I bet Anderson Silva was like “damn I never should’ve feel sorry for him!”
Khalid Kadem
Khalid Kadem 2 日 前
wtf did he got robed or i'm just a casual that dont understand mma very well ?
Harrison Fisher
Harrison Fisher 3 分 前
I was thinking the same thing. I am a pretty casual fan as well but I think he just lost in the overall significant strikes. Those jabs add up!
OrangeDC5TypeR2005 Acura RSX
OrangeDC5TypeR2005 Acura RSX 2 日 前
Anderson Silva Won 10 to 0 !!!! Judges was paid !!!!
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke 2 日 前
This was like watching neo fight morpheus in the matrix. Absolute legends!!
Sian thang
Sian thang 3 日 前
Kanal 1
Kanal 1 3 日 前
this was a real joke..Michael winning this fight :) hahah
Kanal 1
Kanal 1 3 日 前
the jumping knee was crazy!
Superset Ted
Superset Ted 3 日 前
Anderson lost interest
deem skeem
deem skeem 3 日 前
Silva got robbed
A- ROD1299
A- ROD1299 3 日 前
Tbh it is impressive knowing now that Bisping had one eye but at the time & to this day I still think Silva won this
Always be ready
Always be ready 4 日 前
Anderson was playing to fucking much
mdlwlmd d2dwd
mdlwlmd d2dwd 4 日 前
Uk commentators are always so biased. Not even in ufc but muay thai, jujitsu, and basically everything.
UAlloy 4 日 前
End of round one was so intense!
Sumedh Dhoni
Sumedh Dhoni 4 日 前
I love how him and the crowd are in sync going YEAAAAH!!!
Ho pe
Ho pe 4 日 前
Well I blame the referee for the knee Micheal Bisping got unfairly.
Ho pe
Ho pe 4 日 前
I really like Anderson' enjoying status of fighting. It feels like he is indeed doing martial ARTS.😌
Kostya Kalinin
Kostya Kalinin 4 日 前
Мне показалось или 5 раундов били биспинга!)
Ética Social Economica
Ética Social Economica 4 日 前
this fight was bot... boring fight... Silva just wont fight... So stupid everyone can see..
Mirza Annisa93
Mirza Annisa93 4 日 前
Cradle of Anal
Cradle of Anal 4 日 前
Ok Silva win that one.. I watched this shit with 50% speed and you can see all the punches much better.. Silva was avoiding most of those punches and you can see it on the blood that was dripping..
A John
A John 4 日 前
Commentators was so for Michael Bisping
Vuk Ceklic
Vuk Ceklic 4 日 前
The large doubt intriguinly whip because women suprisingly race below a strange hen. sharp, jobless chill
Pablo Valerio
Pablo Valerio 5 日 前
Anderson Silva was robbed
Футбольная Империя HDTV
Футбольная Империя HDTV 5 日 前
Billy Julio
Billy Julio 5 日 前
The fact that noone talk about that refeere standing like idiots ..
after a defeat from chris wiedman twice,,, arderson silva is not the same fighter as he was once,,
Klumxy 5 日 前
Vision is very important in these kind of sports. Fighting with one eye is hella impressive!
erik manchez
erik manchez 5 日 前
31:24 that has to be one of the greatest reaction to a win
Matthew Masters
Matthew Masters 5 日 前
This is one of the best fights I've ever seen
Juan Huaquito
Juan Huaquito 5 日 前
well, Anderson Silva won this fight, I don't care what the judges said.
Fyewaves Gaming
Fyewaves Gaming 5 日 前
That knockdown never woulda happened had the ref given bispieng 5 secs to get his mouth piece. Anderson definitely got lucky w that
anibal claro
anibal claro 5 日 前
Silva es un payaso , una sombra de lo que alguna vez fue . nunca trabajo al máximo su potencial, y la soberbia le paso la cuenta . El supo que el réferi detuvo la pelea y aun así quiso sacar ventaja con ese rodillazo a la cara de Bisping , y luego simula no entender nada mientras celebra...un triste espectáculo de alguien que pudo ser aun mas grande .
Militant Vallance
Militant Vallance 6 日 前
True legend takin out by an absolute inspiration and an even bigger legend love bisbing man such a dude big up the uk 🇬🇧
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson 6 日 前
Let's be honest anderson won
karma 4
karma 4 6 日 前
Que robo !!!
Dom Quiles
Dom Quiles 6 日 前
Great KO to Silva. Still had it?
Franky IV
Franky IV 6 日 前
How is Cody's fight called at the KO but not this fight ? was it just based on the Ref?
Jimmy V.
Jimmy V. 6 日 前
Bisping is a fucking soldier, no doubt about that. Wow.
William Cherniak
William Cherniak 6 日 前
That was a shity dis
G K 6 日 前
silva win
John Smith
John Smith 7 日 前
This was the most horrific display of egregious judging I've ever seen.. was pretty horrible to see how one-sided the commentators were towards Michelle bisbing. I thought they wanted to marry him and have his children.. He never once landed any significant strikes and you look at Michelle at the end of the fight and she's all busted up.. gives a bad name to the sport
Angelo Rangel
Angelo Rangel 7 日 前
The other nigga was clown honestly
Steelo B
Steelo B 7 日 前
I don’t care bispin lost that fight
Danilo Garzona
Danilo Garzona 7 日 前
This why y u never fight in the opponents country
Plumo plumo
Plumo plumo 7 日 前
Silva got robbed. Reminded me of Hendricks vs Gsp. Not just bc of the blood either, Silva seemed like he landed more clinical shots. He's allowed to feel out the fight in the beginning without being penalized for it. But respect to Bisping, his boxing is fun to watch
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion 7 日 前
bisping: my mouthguard fell out! anderson: drops him with a knee herb: mike, you alright? bisping: were you even listening? i said my fokin mouthguard!
Jizzrael Adesanya
Jizzrael Adesanya 3 日 前
@Plumo plumo ref's have to wait for a break in the action, if Bisping had the time with his back to the fence, to point out that his mouth guard fell out, then there was more than enough time to stop the fight to return the piece.
Plumo plumo
Plumo plumo 7 日 前
they can't just stop the fight though. If that were the case, ppl would use that as a strategy when in danger just spit out the mouthguard. That hurt to see, but nothing wrong with the fight continuing
gabriel murgoci
gabriel murgoci 7 日 前
Bisp lost... Fuking decision.... Fight in Uk so... Silva won like hendriks defeteqd GPS
imy xeno
imy xeno 7 日 前
Onur Tosyalı
Onur Tosyalı 8 日 前
cannot believe in a thousand universes that Silva lost this... Unfair
imy xeno
imy xeno 7 日 前
walkinsilent mtfr
walkinsilent mtfr 8 日 前
Bisping was some fighter real Scouser big heart , never gave in Salute and respect fella 💯 Liverpool 👌
Sergey Pak
Sergey Pak 8 日 前
😂😂😂как так?
andrew gonzalez
andrew gonzalez 8 日 前
Anderson Silva got robbed of this fight bruh
Gustavo Piña
Gustavo Piña 9 日 前
Good fight, I respect the final result. Personally I think Silva won
Rakesh Irukula
Rakesh Irukula 9 日 前
with one eye, blood pouring down against Anderson spyder silva ..michael bisping is great .
san_ch 9 日 前
Mirá con la cara que te mirá conan
ルカス 9 日 前
Rigged Spider should be the winner
Fresh Sodaa
Fresh Sodaa 9 日 前
I've always felt like Bisping had potential to have been a much much better fighter than he was. Maybe if he had expanded his skills & took them more seriously? It always felt like he would mainly focus only on his stand up game
Argha King
Argha King 9 日 前
anderson could of knocked him out if he wanted to but he didn’t care towards the end
Lone_Wolf Adventure Camping and Exploring
Lone_Wolf Adventure Camping and Exploring 9 日 前
So losing the fight twice constitutes for winning man it must be awesome to be British
Anonymous The unknown
Anonymous The unknown 9 日 前
Still won after a cheap shot that changed the fight
Abah Asra
Abah Asra 10 日 前
Look at the blood...! look at the damage....! and every body knows Silva wins that match...
noel hernandez
noel hernandez 10 日 前
I forgot how horrible of a call that was!!!! Talk about hometown advantage!!! Bisbing fought a good fight...but absolutely had his ass handed to him
Radu Valentin
Radu Valentin 10 日 前
in a real street fight , michael would have eventually lost, look at how cut he is compared to silva....
Josh Stevenson
Josh Stevenson 9 日 前
Peter Bryan
Peter Bryan 10 日 前
Sabrina Love
Sabrina Love 10 日 前
I really think at 16:35 Bisping was out cold from that knee for about 4 seconds. only reason herb didn’t call the fight is because bisping woke right back up and argued about his mouthpiece falling out then the buzzer rang. It was a tough spot for herb Dean. so he let bisping continue an told Anderson the fight ain’t over, truth is tho bisping was out lol
Robinson Zelaya
Robinson Zelaya 10 日 前
Lo más ridículo del mundo pero ganó Bisping😂😂😂
Li Jia Ming Tang
Li Jia Ming Tang 10 日 前
This rlly was bispings all or nothing fight
fiegaro 10 日 前
Clear as day..Silva won that fight
Theo Huioiesin
Theo Huioiesin 11 日 前
I am always surprised how much I have come to like Bisping. But watching this fight I understand why because he has the heart of a lion.
Alex Korami
Alex Korami 11 日 前
Silva toyed with his food for to long!!
wertytrewqa 11 日 前
Amazing fight
Juan Carlos Fonjul
Juan Carlos Fonjul 11 日 前
Silva played too much. Def a better fighter, but careless and lazy.
Fernando Cuevas
Fernando Cuevas 11 日 前
Legend says the cops are still looking for the judges that robbed Silva 🤣
Suyash Upadhyay
Suyash Upadhyay 10 日 前
He lost on points cuz he was looking for KO, that's wasn't a roberry at all
darius kimbrough
darius kimbrough 12 日 前
Win lose or draw I love watching Silva fight. My all time favorite
SEA STRUCK54 12 日 前
"He has the precision uvff ah wotch makah" fuckin ell mate🤣🤣
Daniel Clee
Daniel Clee 12 日 前
Bisping, is double tough but I think Silva was just toying with him and paid the price.
ETC KILL 12 日 前
Anderson Silva belittle all his opponent. That's a very big problem..
Bryant Angelo
Bryant Angelo 12 日 前
Silva is a pure fighter he didn’t even want to hit bisping if you’ve been in fights or train you can tell he didn’t want to hurt him more than he was already and I had the watch the flying knee over and over I’m surprised bisping was engaging with herb dean over the mouth piece instead of focusing on the fight and protecting him self the knee was a clean shot stay safe and they gave the fight to bisping because he was home Silva is a generous man
Notta Nuke
Notta Nuke 12 日 前
Michael Bispen. Bloody legend.
cbrando cbrando
cbrando cbrando 12 日 前
Bisping spit out his mouth peace in desperation cause he knew Silva was in the zone . Who over reacts to a lost mouth peace like that unless you really want the ref to step in
Keandre Ayala
Keandre Ayala 12 日 前
Silva tried hugging him, he got pushed. Next round he kneed the fuxx outta him lmao
Max Mcconnell
Max Mcconnell 11 日 前
Unfair knee lol but ok
Miklo Velka
Miklo Velka 12 日 前
One of my fav referees... But didn't like how he was in this fight... U have to be not scared to get in there.. Especially if u see a mouth piece flying g the hell can u say keep fighting when a fighter says Where's my mouth piece!?
Francesco Diaferia
Francesco Diaferia 12 日 前
It's an insult to this sport givin the victory to Bisping. Disappointed. Congrats Spider!
Johny Lalrina
Johny Lalrina 13 日 前
This ain't robbery. The count took the first three round.
Enzo Sanchez
Enzo Sanchez 13 日 前
Le robaron la pelea ojalá aya revancha
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