UFC 254: Fight Motion

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

28 日 前

Take a slow-motion look at the most exciting exchanges and moments from UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje, where lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defended his lightweight title and improved to 29-0.
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tanjina afrin
tanjina afrin 3 時間 前
I m still thinking what is the color of Khabib's blood!! 👀👀
Mubeen Ahmed
Mubeen Ahmed 6 時間 前
Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
1 1
1 1 16 時間 前
I heard women want equal opportunities. Mixed gender division! Make it happen and see if they’re still keen
Slick Perspective
Slick Perspective 日 前
Great video but Khabib vs Gaejth the best.
Nashier Sirajan
Nashier Sirajan 日 前
sloooow down Trevor Whitman to justin, it should run faster .
Man that fall of justin in the end was so impactful.... IT was like bringing down colossus or some defeat or a fall of a titan shit pulled by khabib .....triangular choking is a huge accomplishment !!
Blubba McFarlane
Blubba McFarlane 5 日 前
Nice card
Khaled Alsalloum
Khaled Alsalloum 5 日 前
AllFor One
AllFor One 7 日 前
Just upload khabib fight.
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan 8 日 前
Where's the thrill and agony?
Рахмонали Рахматов
Рахмонали Рахматов 10 日 前
أسمر الشرق
أسمر الشرق 11 日 前
1976 миру мир
1976 миру мир 11 日 前
Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov! Great fighter!
Ok Kayo
Ok Kayo 11 日 前
I just know khan in broke his toe before fight what a badass ✊✊✊
Islom Kurbaniyazov
Islom Kurbaniyazov 11 日 前
Khabib super
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas 14 日 前
Best fight I've seen out Khabib
sports corner
sports corner 15 日 前
watch out khabib last fight here jppost.info/project/uXVrY7qkfG2yaNE/bideo.html
Jod3n 16 日 前
why do all these top fighters always put their back to khabib ? lol like you would think they would know NOT to do that
Panduy Neerin
Panduy Neerin 17 日 前
Why you stopped thrill and agony 😭😭😭
ММА fan
ММА fan 17 日 前
prince mamun
prince mamun 19 日 前
Lots of love for KHABIB.We will miss u man.💔💔😭😭
behzad_bhri 19 日 前
tony won 12 of last 13 fights ... so he should fight for title
rifky panser junior
rifky panser junior 20 日 前
Habib vs jon jones. Up*
F A Music Club jps
F A Music Club jps 20 日 前
Any one plz say me whar is the background music name?
Aziz ŞERETLİKO 20 日 前
ADR 20 日 前
Is khabib made of titanium or what?
Handika Setiawan
Handika Setiawan 21 日 前
Amazing habib vs gatejn
Andry Fauzan
Andry Fauzan 21 日 前
Great man. Khabib Nurmagomedov made UFC show very interesting
Yonatan busi
Yonatan busi 21 日 前
0:47 world war 3
Clipworld 21 日 前
Beating Variance
Beating Variance 21 日 前
That triangle choke. Legend.
Notebook 21 日 前
Zellonite The UBF Boss
Zellonite The UBF Boss 22 日 前
Khabib is like a terminator just moving forward. He ate some really hard punches and didn't even register a response.
Maksim Griboedoff
Maksim Griboedoff 22 日 前
FUCKING COOL STUFF! It's cooler than Terminator 2, fuck it !!!
Zero Zugar
Zero Zugar 22 日 前
Proximo Stenvaag
Proximo Stenvaag 23 日 前
cheddar bob
cheddar bob 23 日 前
That submission from Khabib was Fucking crazy
Kilo Minati
Kilo Minati 23 日 前
Fixed Fight
Denis Dražetič
Denis Dražetič 23 日 前
Damn gaethje just in 1 round inflicted damage to khabibs leg ,and head, (the head he didn't realize) but His grappling was so bad khabib got it done before Gaethje could see the results of his work.
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy 23 日 前
Wow watching this made me realize even tho he was super aggressive khabib never really hit Justin like Justin hit him
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy 8 日 前
@S A no that’s not true. This has nothing to do with Justin and everything to do with khabib. If there was any exposing to be done with Justin it would’ve happened way before this. Like oh idk his dominant performance against Ferguson? Lol
S A 9 日 前
Justin got exposed by Khabib in front of whole world.
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy 23 日 前
I wish Gaethje had done better
rita the cat
rita the cat 24 日 前
Justin got exposed
GutturalReef 24 日 前
ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ‎
Sandy Thomas
Sandy Thomas 24 日 前
He almost got layed out by a shit striker thats why khabib won't take the rematch with Connor he would be that left an go night night
Mma from Sereban
Mma from Sereban 24 日 前
KO from UFC : jppost.info/project/lZdsnpNxnISti80/bideo.html
Rammy🗡 24 日 前
Regardless this fight was good for Justin, it just proves that he’s a brute force of nature to go against Khabib. And Khabib if you notice, he literally moves like a bear how he submitted Justin. That’s so insane, both 🐐
Dragu Royalty
Dragu Royalty 24 日 前
Just 🤦🏼
Dragu Royalty
Dragu Royalty 24 日 前
Gaethje against khabib no gas tank at all, bad on the boxing area, when they are gonna figure they need to work they body as a wrestler, get they core strong, back strong as Joel Romero
Dragu Royalty
Dragu Royalty 24 日 前
Gaethje great spirit, but again is not enough againt khabib or usman, gaethje I don’t know what happened to him, maybe he show too much respect
BUD WHITE 24 日 前
Dragu Royalty
Dragu Royalty 24 日 前
Let correct what I said * YOU CAN NOT IMPROVISE against Khabib or Usman
Dragu Royalty
Dragu Royalty 24 日 前
Dang I don’t know when fighters are gonna understand khabib, usman, you can improvise or take chances, crazy to say but againt them spirit is not enough
Boss Experiment
Boss Experiment 24 日 前
Manusia Baja
Jet HYTECH 24 日 前
I’ve watched UFC back in the Bas Rutten and K1 fighter days. This year 2020 had the best line ups like Adesanya Vs Costa, Justin Vs Khabib. But the worst battles, fights were short sweet. I think Khabib should fight Tony Ferguson. Tony prepared all year for him a technical submission fighter and to be thrown Justin at him in the last minute to make company revenue was a foul play. Dana White knows it. Conor and Khabib have been dodging Tony for years.
Ayu Lestari
Ayu Lestari 24 日 前
Khabib 🥰
Ahmad Syahrani Alifun
Ahmad Syahrani Alifun 24 日 前
Khabib respect his opponents, He can broke Justin Arm with Armbar at the chance, but he still control submission & change position to choke justin 👍, but the real lucky man on this cage is Justin Gaethje because many fighter hope can fight with Khabib, Justin on UFC History will recorded as He fight with the UFC Legend, Justin be part of the legend's final battle & got full respect from the legend 👍👍,.
Ashley Clack
Ashley Clack 24 日 前
Great video!
Arci Haceaturean
Arci Haceaturean 24 日 前
Если бы Джастин не уснул то Хабибу 5 раундов бы не понравилось. Тут великий отец Хабиба подумал заранее о завершении карьеры своего сына против сильнейшего, он готовил к этому моменту всю жизнь "удушения крокодила" борцовским подходом. -Угадайте что первое съест крокодил. крокодил vs. кикбоксёр : 1. Ногу 2. Руку 3. Голову
XxkillerxX10 24 日 前
Why didn't they show the knee that Khabib landed? It was BEAUTIFUL!
GettMarked 24 日 前
james dean
james dean 24 日 前
i love thiis shit
Tony Maradona
Tony Maradona 24 日 前
0:48 Donald Trump vs Kim Jong Un
Tamim Shahin
Tamim Shahin 24 日 前
May be you are best what you learned in your whole life but you never know what Khabib going to pullout his next move because he has the greatest IQ in MMA planet right now. When top class professional coaches still finding and learning from Khabib like that... that means he is GOAT and #1 p4p fighter in the world☝
Robert Tello
Robert Tello 24 日 前
Justin just needed to block more take down for at least 5 mins and khabib was gonn be smashed!
Debajyoti Nath
Debajyoti Nath 24 日 前
Jones was considered by many as the ultimate GOAT of MMA because of his near perfect record of wins. But then Khabib creates a perfect record of wins and also dominates every fight. Now except GSP, nobody can even be compared to him.
Pengembara Tanpa Noktah
Pengembara Tanpa Noktah 25 日 前
Mr Say168
Mr Say168 25 日 前
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life...
Abdellah Qatif
Abdellah Qatif 25 日 前
Benny Christopher Zeteo
Benny Christopher Zeteo 25 日 前
Genius man always win. Congratz. Justin you traped and shock.
Grid de Largada
Grid de Largada 25 日 前
Woods win
dodik jaya
dodik jaya 25 日 前
Imagine what khabib could do to ferguson
алексей калашников
алексей калашников 25 日 前
Хабиб хотел на руках выиграть , но эти лоукики ... передумал :)
Lutfi sya'ban
Lutfi sya'ban 25 日 前
That was not Justin night....just like what tony Ferguson said when he lose to Justin
iHDa mS
iHDa mS 25 日 前
Best momento of Khabib jppost.info/project/zYStqdCnhJu_pZ4/bideo.html
Labeed Osman
Labeed Osman 25 日 前
Eventually ufc can make money through worldwide fans, they dont need those broken usa audience
Айдос Омаров
Айдос Омаров 25 日 前
Labeed Osman
Labeed Osman 25 日 前
Almost every fight has gotten the finishes, but those dumbass casual bitchy fanatic usa mma fans did not prefer to give the ppv numbers...they only love to see blood over decent, high-level fights, love to see drama over good fights...they will always remain the dumb, ignorant, casual fans, that's why they are proper audience for circus like wwe, not for the boxing or mma...boxing would not have been lost its popularity, if they have a little bit of brain in themselves...how come masvidal generates 1.3 m ppv...a guy, who is nothing more than a journeyman and has 2 digit losses and what is the highlight of his career is getting a ko over darren till, 5 sec flying knockout over ben askren, and knockout over dumbshit nate diaz...but colby will surely expose that masvidal badly....if usa audience have a little bit of btain in themselves then fake promotion like wwe would not been doing business today
JOE_V WHALE 25 日 前
Finally av been waiting for days now
R D 25 日 前
29-0-0 no more to say
Self Made -J Tekken
Self Made -J Tekken 25 日 前
Damnnn khabib didnt even get uncomfortable with those sledge hammer handed punches. Real legend.
Flipx 25 日 前
The only fighter in the world who I get so excited to watch is Khabib dude.. I'm so fortunate to be able to witness this great generation of UFC fighters pop off .. JG trust me bro one day you will be the champ.. And Khabib dude one word ... GOAT dude!
Dirty Hafeez
Dirty Hafeez 25 日 前
Who are Missing " KHABIB " Hit a LIKE ❤ and Show Ur Respect.
AFG LION 25 日 前
Easiest measure to find out who's the goat of UFC....... If you had a real street fight and you can only take one UFC fighter with you to back you up, who would you take? Almost everybody and anybody would be like it's khabib time baby.
AFG LION 25 日 前
I live in Northern California, I did not even know what time the fight start. I called my brother and he said and I quote you "IT'S KHABIB TIME"
Liana Samanthachloe
Liana Samanthachloe 25 日 前
Khabib 😍😍😘 🦅🦅🦅
chris 25 日 前
Love these!
Zaid Alowdi
Zaid Alowdi 25 日 前
In his pro debut he beat the dude with the same choke It’s how he started and ended his professional career
Ozan Fero
Ozan Fero 25 日 前
5:10 justin powerfull kicks on khabib’s leg.then khabib catched justin’s leg right away
sdchargers1071 25 日 前
more of this video is absolutely amazing
russian hacker
russian hacker 25 日 前
man I was really rooting for Gaethje, and that sequence from 5:10-5:20 is such a bummer for me to watch. Such a unreal sequence, Gaethje was doing well in the fight, and in that sequence he has a great leg kick, ends up in a dominate position on the floor, but it goes bad so damn fast. Khabib is freakishly powerful on the floor. Gotta have a lot of respect for both of them.
Moh Th
Moh Th 25 日 前
Khabib like python..
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 25 日 前
Hey! Hey! Sunglasses!
Calson Calilung
Calson Calilung 25 日 前
Man, Khabib took some hard shots and leg kicks. Much respect to #1 p4p
Kelli Bain
Kelli Bain 25 日 前
Gaethje had a guillotine on the last takedown. At least i think he couldve choked him if he went for his neck instead of the body too defend the takedown!!?!
Constantine The Second
Constantine The Second 25 日 前
Dude robert whittaker is one of the best fighters on the planet pound for pound .
Lil Senshi
Lil Senshi 25 日 前
That submission move from khabib might possibly be renamed as The Eagle choke instead of Triangle choke
bruce lee
bruce lee 25 日 前
Who tf walks down Justin gaethje in the 1st round lmfao...khabib probably has balls of steel
Ren Nohara
Ren Nohara 25 日 前
Khabeeb stole the show 😍
Mask Gaban
Mask Gaban 25 日 前
this is truly the soul of a fighter. both of them respect each other
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