UFC Records: Fastest Finishes in History

  再生回数 29,597,489

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

7 ヶ月 前

Watch the full collection of the fastest finishes in UFC history. Jorge Masvidal's flying knee against Ben Askren at UFC 239 remains the fastest finish in the promotion's history.
*Justin Martin and Joe Charles each had 14-second submissions, at UFC 12 and 4 respectively, but were alternate bouts and are not a part of this list.
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Jamal Arais
Jamal Arais 23 分 前
Nico gomez
Nico gomez 時間 前
Masvidal y contra usman que paso
turin turamba
turin turamba 時間 前
Connor seems to have an avantage vs right handed fighters since hes quick with fast short punch
Louis Lovett
Louis Lovett 3 時間 前
"Very good stoppage by Steve mazzagati" not something you hear often
Mark McGarvey
Mark McGarvey 3 時間 前
That heavy weight guy crowder had the most embarrassing performance I've ever seen
Волчье Логово
Волчье Логово 6 時間 前
wtf is this??? a fight? Fuck this shit am out.
x Enkeii
x Enkeii 6 時間 前
James Irvin's superman punch was insanely satisfying
Scotty Wade
Scotty Wade 13 時間 前
“Very good stoppage from Steve mazzagatti.” I’ve never heard that sentence before... I don’t think I’ll hear it again either.
Portlaoise50 22 時間 前
Magnificient Animals . Love the Dumb looks
-XJordaz Gocrazy-
-XJordaz Gocrazy- 日 前
it cant be just me but watching connor fight is so satisfying
Wolfgang Andrew X
Wolfgang Andrew X 日 前
need a part two
Yeezy 700
Yeezy 700 日 前
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Farming Latvija
Farming Latvija 日 前
Masvidal is idiot ,punching guy who is already is out.this is so lame.
Maxxone 日 前
Bored Man
Bored Man 日 前
"good evening, todays fight is betwe......GOODNIGHT THANKS FOR WATCHING"
James Fukfist
James Fukfist 日 前
I can't respext fighters that throw attacks whilst opponent is unconscious...respect to Leon Edwards...stopped without tbe ref. Masvidal I love but he's another to get cheap hits in.
Dylan Santiago
Dylan Santiago 日 前
Imagine paying 100 bucks for a pay per view fight for it to be over in 10 seconds
D Seev
D Seev 日 前
1:37 rip jimmo you were a great fighter.
Zachariah Aguilar
Zachariah Aguilar 日 前
Are we not gonna talk about how good the guys fucking robot was
Ayrton Ong
Ayrton Ong 日 前
The abusive avenue proportionately mate because curler anaerobically invite amid a cut share. imaginary, pathetic cap
Wat? 日 前
7:02 Give me a hug daddy
macallan18year 日 前
That first Knockout by that UFC guy was a complete weak ass move to hit him when he was knocked out. That guy's is pathetic as his career. 🤬🤬
bretta3 日 前
"I know what your thinking Joe, that guy deserves to get knocked out for wearing a speedo to a fight".
Rosemarie Kennedy
Rosemarie Kennedy 日 前
The slow beet genetically program because citizenship consistently whine inside a troubled pair. right, scintillating atom
Kyle Swiger
Kyle Swiger 日 前
Great vid with some really memorable KOs but they forgot to put some of the quickest ones such as chuck Lydell Randy couture lyoto mochida etc
Jairo Kleber
Jairo Kleber 日 前
2:41 o cara agarrando o juiz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ficou perdido
AAmir Dada
AAmir Dada 2 日 前
Wow. Talk about a quick beating. 😳 cool video
Dim7 K
Dim7 K 2 日 前
No counst - no seconds
ciğerci açmak isteyen sokak kedisi
ciğerci açmak isteyen sokak kedisi 2 日 前
2:42 😂😂😂😂
Manish Digra
Manish Digra 2 日 前
9:34 BOOM Lights go out. 😂😂😂
Luis Izquierdo
Luis Izquierdo 2 日 前
If you came here looking for Ronda... there you go 9:58
Kieron Thomas
Kieron Thomas 2 日 前
The amount of steroids in this video 😂
Hay mentiras en la biblia.
Hay mentiras en la biblia. 2 日 前
OJO.. Judas compro un lote grande con las 30 monedas hechos 1.15 al 18.. Un perfume valía 300 monedas. Jehova hizo una estatua =Adán.. Los querub representaban a Jehova querub =toro con alas dios persa. Jehova mando hacer el dios de los egipcios nehustan =la serpiente de bronce números 21.8 al 9. Jehova escultor zacarias 3.9.. Hablar mal de las imágenes es delito.. Sacrilegio romanos 2.22 biblia reina Valera.. En lulú. Com 3 libros gratis La letra la fe El enredo hay mentiras en la biblia..... Pablo era romano de nacimiento y judío de nacimiento hechos 22.28.. Galatas 2.15 pastores mentirosos quien es el evangelista bizco y x que.... Deuteronomio 15.6 que mentira Jerusalén fue dominada año 70. Deuda externa etc..... Jesús fue el segundo rey de reyes ezequiel 26.7...... Se acerca el fin del mundo mateo 28.20 confesión. 1a comunión. Matrimonio multiplica este escrito att el paraclito.... El sábado es maldito Isaias 1.13.....el dios mas arrepentido inventado x los hombres Jeremías 15.6.... Pacto =juramento a Dios no le gustan los juramentos mateo 5.34.....Solo el catolicismo lleva a Dios, romanos 1.5 al 7.................
Grand fag
Grand fag 2 日 前
its liquid engineerin- AND ITS OVER JUST.LIKE.THAT!
Anonymous Morningstar
Anonymous Morningstar 2 日 前
That cool how he blocked his knee with his chin
Jerry Dandrige
Jerry Dandrige 2 日 前
1:36 what year is it 😆😆
Dips Grg
Dips Grg 2 日 前
kudos to the refs, a second delay can make someone lose life.
northium 2 日 前
lmao for a moment I thought the miniature looked like masvidal pulled down his opponent's shorts to see his ass
check meowt
check meowt 2 日 前
6:08 Dam check out that SUPER KAREN in the crown. Boss level Karen
Robert Collier
Robert Collier 2 日 前
There were so many fights in there where you could tell the fighter took a fall. Lol
Rick Robitaille
Rick Robitaille 2 日 前
Askren had a dream where he got knocked out in mere seconds of this fight...and never woke up...
sal esp
sal esp 2 日 前
7:30 funniest knockout ever!!!
Mateus Carvalho
Mateus Carvalho 2 日 前
9:59 The best
Keeley Hassan
Keeley Hassan 2 日 前
The madly tank jointly repair because soup dimensionally hunt out a steep carriage. frequent, burly slipper
Cezary9p 2 日 前
That one was impressive 2:45
GODOBE 3 日 前
Bruh every single dude that got knocked out within 10 seconds are related. Wtf 😳 😂 this video talks about it jppost.info/project/1GCcnpibk7G_p80/bideo.html
Mansour Kabbarah
Mansour Kabbarah 3 日 前
First One is soo 😳
Dippinstyx 3 日 前
4:05 you can see that man smile and say, "oh fuck."
Alexander Grimm
Alexander Grimm 3 日 前
A wild sport for wild minds.
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson 3 日 前
That rozenstruik ko was like the teeniest little love tap ever! It was like a distance check! Thats crazy!
DarkDimensionZ 3 日 前
conclusion: when the sponsor comes in the battle ends
Evolut Pro
Evolut Pro 3 日 前
блять так радуются как будто бы вторую мировую выграли где скромность блять?
Novad O.
Novad O. 3 日 前
Finish him !! ...toodoo doom doom dooo.....FATALITY !!! Shiva wins, flawless victory.
Oldschool Dude
Oldschool Dude 3 日 前
Some of these were stopped far too quick and others the ref saved the guy from catching more blows than needed.
Joey Jones
Joey Jones 3 日 前
Crazy how Pulver knocked out Lewis that quick. Old school fans know how badass John Lewis was.
Live Fully
Live Fully 3 日 前
Herb: Watch that! Song: Watch this! Song: Herb get yo boi!
Sir Horace
Sir Horace 3 日 前
The only time someone has ever said “very good stoppage by Steve masagati”
far amen
far amen 3 日 前
The aware news kinetically obtain because table concomitantly pedal underneath a wooden cooking. kaput, tasteless leg
Brian Ghost
Brian Ghost 3 日 前
The Gray Maynard fight hardly had time for the clock sponsor 😂
Refusal 4 日 前
Lol all white Guys get always Blacked.Just fun, we are all brothers.
Alaskan1Medic 4 日 前
Ben. How have I ben. Well I have ben talking a lot of shit in the not UFC.
Great Job
Great Job 4 日 前
5:39 - the idiot announcer says "reach advantage" when Weir literally stepped all the way inside to deliver the ko punch after the kick which was just a very good fake that got the opponent to open up. What a jackass. It had nothing to do with reach advantage.
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford 4 日 前
I counted 4 seconds for jorge. 4.5 seconds for james irvin vs Terry martin
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford 4 日 前
Why does james irvin vs Terry martin get no respect??? Was likely 5 seconds but went down officially as 9 seconds. And then UFC acts like it never even happened anyway lol. They must hate Terry martin
forehead 4 日 前
s/o Ludwig
Ricardo Rendòn Enríquez
Ricardo Rendòn Enríquez 4 日 前
2:45 esteroides jaja
Margarita Cooper
Margarita Cooper 4 日 前
The gullible gusty produce holoprosencephaly coil because begonia substantially slow abaft a mellow flag. fascinated, attractive spear
Nathanboy98 4 日 前
This was staged 100% watch it back, see how Jorge is primed for the flying knee before Askren even gives his attack away, then watch Askren duck towards the knee during the move!
G Boy 97
G Boy 97 4 日 前
2:20 Kurdish herooo💪🏼👊🏼👊🏼
James Best
James Best 4 日 前
subway eat fresh bang knuckle sandwich whoaaaaa
코털천하 4 日 前
1:37 wow
Joe Burgerz
Joe Burgerz 4 日 前
Some say Caol Uno is still laying there against the cage....
mo0o0oko0o0o 4 日 前
If Ben Askren was about to get hit by a bus he would probably go for a takedown
Maik Dreijer
Maik Dreijer 5 日 前
Ryan Jimmo at 1:38 really knocked the soul out of the poor guy lmaoooo
protodevilin 5 日 前
11:25 Poor guy. He slips in one hell of a shot and everybody in the arena like "why is this dude shouting?"
Ct 033
Ct 033 5 日 前
Never seen a jab like Rozenstruijk before. Or I’ve never seen such a bad chin. I’m not sure.
D_E_R_E_N_I_K 5 日 前
D_E_R_E_N_I_K 5 日 前
Kemorje Parker
Kemorje Parker 5 日 前
Some of the times were wrong
Hunter Watkins
Hunter Watkins 5 日 前
The standing paul ipsilaterally burn because mandolin phylogenitically fence among a wiry doctor. plucky, royal wine
Samuel James
Samuel James 5 日 前
Shout out to that coach that ate an elbow at 10:27
Abdou Zaalani
Abdou Zaalani 5 日 前
where is Khamzat ? :D
noah frank
noah frank 5 日 前
Jesus loves you.
Frankie Jones
Frankie Jones 5 日 前
3:52 ayo anyone else wondering when and where tf he got hit at?
UFC Videos
UFC Videos 4 日 前
A jab right on the chin when he was coming forward and they were HW's
Siyuan Shi
Siyuan Shi 5 日 前
Commenter: The fight clock is brought to by...OHOHOHOHOH!!!!!!!!!!! Masvidal: NO MORE SPONSOR!
benhurzz 6 日 前
0:04 masvidal looks so badass going into the fight lol
Aerin Collins
Aerin Collins 6 日 前
7.5K men always finish fast 🤷‍♂️
Big Fredy
Big Fredy 6 日 前
Stracera 6 日 前
Tonight’s fight clock is sponsored by OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! AND IT IS ALL OVER!!!!!! JUST!!!!!!! LIKE!!!!! THAT.
GETn2UNED 6 日 前
1:38 Robot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diyorbek Alloyorov
Diyorbek Alloyorov 6 日 前
10:43 nock out in 10 seconds, not in 14
Andrew Mead
Andrew Mead 6 日 前
A quick fight is a good one
Paul Ira
Paul Ira 6 日 前
4:24- The only known work in UFC history. I don’t blame Oleg and Anthony considering what they got paid for the event.
Zhanyl Kulekeshova
Zhanyl Kulekeshova 6 日 前
Lord Everybody
Lord Everybody 6 日 前
Something like this needs to happen to donald duck hair
charlie hustle
charlie hustle 6 日 前
Fome around 9:35 to 9:37 is that his tooth?
Sean Couture
Sean Couture 6 日 前
Rip Ryan Jimmo
Piotr B.
Piotr B. 6 日 前
RIP Ryan Jimmo [']
Hoopdreamsbball 6 日 前
Yeezy 700
Yeezy 700 6 日 前
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