Free Fight: Petr Yan vs Urijah Faber | Call of Duty® Free Fight Series

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

26 日 前

Presented by Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, watch Petr Yan's Performance of the Night against Urijah Faber at UFC 245 last year. Order the game now:
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Ultimate Sausage
Ultimate Sausage 6 時間 前
1:08 faint by faber lowkey fire wtf
mm 9 時間 前
pyotor yan
Greg Breg
Greg Breg 15 時間 前
Ай да Петя , четко технично все , зрелищно , обожаю смотреть его бои ! Удачи только вперёд Сибирь идёт
TheDara222 18 時間 前
Krasava, horoshaja texnika
George T.
George T. 20 時間 前
Old Faber, then old Aldo. Yan really has just beat up old men
King Croc
King Croc 23 時間 前
what a lame knockout. top of the kick at the tip of his fucking TOES and he kicks him in the side of the head/neck and fucking knocks him out. only thing that sucks about UFC is you can get clipped and knocked out with the weakest shit. any fight is like that.
King Croc
King Croc 23 時間 前
Great fight urijah's a boss
King Croc
King Croc 23 時間 前
ive never seen such a grotesque cut/swell in my life. and it happened and swelled up within what 15 seconds? jesus fucking christ. imagine getting punched in that thing and it just bursts lmao
masi nasiri
masi nasiri 日 前
Stac Master
Stac Master 日 前
I remember the post fight interview. Faber says , I didn't win this one but I had a lot of fun...... No, you got the cat crap pounded out of you and that's never fun for anyone
John Barthelemy
John Barthelemy 日 前
Best thing I've seen for year's
Zac Hansen
Zac Hansen 日 前
John Travolta is a great fighter.
Seba Contreras
Seba Contreras 2 日 前
8:19 He was hitting his knuckles with his nose
Денис Ершов
Денис Ершов 2 日 前
Илья Сафронов
Илья Сафронов 3 日 前
Петруха Братуха Богатырь👊
Two Seasons
Two Seasons 3 日 前
I'm not a huge fan of Faber but I do respect his heart, a true fighter. I'm willing to say if he was age 26 also, he'd win this fight no problem, respect to Faber!
Tow Doctor
Tow Doctor 3 日 前
I truly hope his family appreciates his willingness to get destroyed for a paycheck.
Road Dog
Road Dog 3 日 前
Three rounds to finish a 40 year old. Not that impressive. Faber won.
Doozer Chuck
Doozer Chuck 3 日 前
dc cost faber the win here
Zain 3 日 前
Man that finishing kick was so crazy
Imtiaz Faruqui
Imtiaz Faruqui 3 日 前
This was a soccer kick, fighters have to learn soccer , Karate kicks , boxing .wrestleling and much more.
Jonathan Biden
Jonathan Biden 4 日 前
Hello from Russia. Petr good faiter!
HD Vehicle and machines
HD Vehicle and machines 4 日 前
Hardest fighters
Girl 365
Girl 365 4 日 前
Dit is wonderlik, iets moois en almal sal daarvan hou. Moenie lank wag om jou liefde te kry nie ▶
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 4 日 前
Love me some California Kid but Yan did his thing on this one.
tin dao
tin dao 4 日 前
Sterling's good but Yan's gonna school him just like Aldo #andstill
Daniel Fleming
Daniel Fleming 5 日 前
This just makes me mad about nate
Cc 5 日 前
Damn that was an ass whooping
chris george
chris george 5 日 前
Uriah was winning the first 4 min of round 1. Yan threw like 3 punches in the first 2 min.
Александр Абъятанов
Александр Абъятанов 5 日 前
Ребята молодцы, красивый бой.
Макс Занин
Макс Занин 5 日 前
Ян круче хабиба бьется. Ни какой борьбы, валяния.
Дмитрий Стародымов
Дмитрий Стародымов 5 日 前
Петр молодец
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 5 日 前
Seems like it is "Team Alpha Male Beatdown Week" lol
Федя Щепкин
Федя Щепкин 6 日 前
Grzegorz R
Grzegorz R 6 日 前
Patrzcie posrane famme mma, najmany itp jak się walczy..gamonie
mCmaeC 6 日 前
9:35 🕺🏻
Noodleydoo 6 日 前
I'm not sure I'd call Urijah a legend.
Divided Perceptions
Divided Perceptions 6 日 前
08:10 - 08:22 at 0.25x speed. UI achieved. Beautiful.
FRMOutsideSpace 6 日 前
Remember watching his debut thinking man this guy's awesome to watch, glad he's made it so far 👊👊👊👊
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 7 日 前
Damn, I hate to see Faber get beat like that. But he's not in his prime anymore
Laura Asim
Laura Asim 7 日 前
I wanna watch this video all day
АНДРЕЙ Вирус 7 日 前
Ян красавчик! а этой в косичками и жопой на подбородке стоило задуматься куда полез
Prison ass whooping
Faber is soooo tough! What a performance by Yan!!!
Alexey Shevchenko
Alexey Shevchenko 7 日 前
Хороший боец Петя "беспощадный" Ян. Спокоен,но быстрый как пуля. Очень понравился бой. Без понтов с обеих сторон.
Петр Сафронов
Петр Сафронов 7 日 前
чётко,что канал,что бой!
sven trogrlic
sven trogrlic 7 日 前
UFC 245 last December was a Christmas gift for MMA Fans around the world......what a sick event that was, with amazing fights!!
Anna Rothkopf
Anna Rothkopf 7 日 前
my parents daily ;) :D
Philodox 7 日 前
Faber wastes SO MUCH energy fainting and faking and jumping around. He should just go in, he is faster early and has more then enough power and he can wrestle, what is he worried about?
S B 7 日 前
Im a fan of uriah,but damn buddy,i havent seen u on a winning streak for quite awhile now. I would say open up a Deli or a Boxing Center for kids or somethin. No fun n continually getting beat up. Luv yeah man. 😁
A Guy Named Something
A Guy Named Something 8 日 前
Funny watching these little boogers go at it.
Yan has a bright future he doesn’t reach and he protects his space great
Glacial Self
Glacial Self 8 日 前
Urijah looked good and was tough as hell. Petr is just champ level.
Всё о сварке и самоделках.
Всё о сварке и самоделках. 8 日 前
Русские идут!👍👍👍
Низам Абишев
Низам Абишев 6 日 前
А точнее кавказцы
Joachim Brzozowski
Joachim Brzozowski 6 日 前
ага) Ян , русский)) держи в курсе))
Аоомлип Ьмрлтмшь
Аоомлип Ьмрлтмшь 6 日 前
Задним ходом😲😲😲😲😲
justin blanco
justin blanco 8 日 前
Early stoppage, peterson smells like cigarette and beer
Chad Thomas Photography
Chad Thomas Photography 8 日 前
What an amazing fight woah!!!
David Hugo
David Hugo 8 日 前
Uriah got that ass WHOOOPED!
Don ‘
Don ‘ 9 日 前
Petr Yan is soo good ...
Kei 804
Kei 804 8 日 前
So good to dodge Aljo
Ратибор 9 日 前
Petr yan champ!! No mercy 💪🏼
_DreadOcean _
_DreadOcean _ 9 日 前
I was going for Yan, but nothing but the utmost respect to Faber that was a good fight.
Kaj Siab Tshaj
Kaj Siab Tshaj 9 日 前
I'm a fan of Urijah and it was hard to watch him got beaten so bad. Age has taken its toll so I'd say it's time to down from UFC.
grox 9 日 前
Urijah has all that muscle.. too bad he doesn’t know what to do with it.
Grom 27
Grom 27 9 日 前
Mityay Polov
Mityay Polov 9 日 前
Янчик посадил его в танчик.
itz VirtuaL
itz VirtuaL 9 日 前
Suga Show doesn't want this smoke
Rachid Khamlichi
Rachid Khamlichi 10 日 前
These Russians 😆
Svyat Kornilov
Svyat Kornilov 10 日 前
Tommy Ferguson
Tommy Ferguson 10 日 前
Faber holds the record for most stiff fighter
Noname Noname
Noname Noname 10 日 前
Боец! Всегда выходит с флагом Россеюшки. Удачи тебе, и побед Петруша.
I Want Lee
I Want Lee 10 日 前
Holy shit. That fucking bubble at the left eye. Imagine popping it.
R E M 10 日 前
Somebody needs to retire
K.M. Smith
K.M. Smith 11 日 前
Faber never got any better, he just stayed the fighter,
SouthernTheGeez 11 日 前
The heart
Алекс Live-moto
Алекс Live-moto 11 日 前
Красавчик хорошие локти неожиданные!
Руслан Фазуллин
Руслан Фазуллин 11 日 前
Яну надо сбавить ярость, на его соперника страшно смотреть: сырая котлета/кровоточащий бифштекс.
Алекс Вишнёв
Алекс Вишнёв 11 日 前
Пётр молочина!
Joshua Batts
Joshua Batts 11 日 前
Every since the departure of Duane Ludwig team alpha male instantly went south. The situation between them was flat out petty.
J Ronald
J Ronald 11 日 前
What a finish. This Petr Yan has made me a fan.
Tonny Larsen
Tonny Larsen 11 日 前
...and goodbye Urijah !!!
Erik Henkel
Erik Henkel 11 日 前
Yeah Россия вперёд
В. Р.
В. Р. 11 日 前
forandon behalfof
forandon behalfof 12 日 前
UFC sucks bigboys' teabags compared to One Championship.
Muema Muema
Muema Muema 12 日 前
Faber footwork looked sloppy
malik kuan
malik kuan 12 日 前
Мне нравится как тренер называет петра петей)))
Сергей Афанасьев
Сергей Афанасьев 12 日 前
На это можно смотреть бесконечно!
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 12 日 前
Dana doesn't want fighters covered in ads... meanwhile...
Abubakkar sithick
Abubakkar sithick 12 日 前
best refree stoppage!!! urijah did his best
Человек Обыкновенный
Человек Обыкновенный 12 日 前
Кажется я видел этот бой? Или это реванш?
See now that’s a Fucking fight. Win lose or draw, these boys stood on their feet the majority of the time and actually fought. Instead of getting on the ground as fast as possible to win a high school wrestling match!’ Yes there is skill to that but it doesn’t make it entertaining to watch!! Good job gentlemen!!
We'll see when he doesn't fight the geriatric residents. Fabs must have needed the bucks!
Дмитрий Орлов
Дмитрий Орлов 13 日 前
Петр Красава!!!Поздравляю от души,шикарно разобрал на части паренька)
Anderson Simmons
Anderson Simmons 13 日 前
He braids his hair. That's cultural appropriation. Lol
Indian boy
Indian boy 13 日 前
Ufc is best | wwe is wtf ! And lol and fake and waste time |
Крокодил Зеленый
Крокодил Зеленый 13 日 前
такие бои нам нужны
Асинхронные Моторы Дуюнова
Асинхронные Моторы Дуюнова 13 日 前
Петр наказал кудрявого с дредами .... удары с локтя и ногой в челюсть .....
James Campbell
James Campbell 13 日 前
love Faber but when wrestlers stop wrestling, its time to retire. when he was young and utilized his wrestling he was dominant.
Алексей Аносов
Алексей Аносов 13 日 前
Очень хорошая техника у бойца.
M Keegan
M Keegan 13 日 前
Why the footage look sped up lol
Андрей Comrade
Андрей Comrade 13 日 前
Неслабо он ему лицо подрихтовал
Visal Sao
Visal Sao 13 日 前
How can u call faber a legend when his never won a championship title in the ufc.
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