Dana White Announces Contract Winners | Week 8 - Contender Series Season 4

  再生回数 116,783

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

20 日 前

UFC President Dana White shares with Laura Sanko that all four fighters that won during Week 8 earned a UFC contract. Carlos Ulberg, Ignacio Bahamondes, Luis Saldana and Jared Vanderaa will join the UFC roster.
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kelso fire
kelso fire 8 日 前
How on earth is this even fair ... Ulberg is rediculously good looking and beats up people for a living
Ru Streamin
Ru Streamin 14 日 前
Lesgo carlos
loosey5 15 日 前
I thought something was off with Jared. Dude is just a troll lol.
Sexiest Videos
Sexiest Videos 15 日 前
Laura Sanko looks like Nicole Aniston 😍
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise 15 日 前
Jared Vanderaa has that Diaz brothers tongue
Mr A
Mr A 16 日 前
Congrats everyone.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 16 日 前
Finally a contender series that actually has legitimate contenders
TheEdzy25 16 日 前
That woman is a dime piece.
Hiraether 17 日 前
An amazing night of stunning performances but honestly I watch these interviews for Laura and only Laura lol. God kill me.
James Stewart
James Stewart 17 日 前
Hey Dana Trump lost.. lol
Waqar aftab
Waqar aftab 17 日 前
lol everyone is a kid to him
Snoopy Bollox
Snoopy Bollox 17 日 前
Dana covering dem ol arms up for a change, obviously run out of dem ol Roids this week hey?? 'Kit-kat' stole the show tonight 100%....
unexpected things!!!!!!!!
unexpected things!!!!!!!! 17 日 前
jared is ready to fight anyone that means ngannou tooo lol
TheAntManChannel 17 日 前
Dana White sees a pretty face and sees dollar signs immediately. Lol.
Sub4Nothing NoVideoz
Sub4Nothing NoVideoz 17 日 前
2:32 Dana, I’m ugly, but Im ready to fight tomorrow if I could.👍
Khu Jjhj
Khu Jjhj 17 日 前
I like the blonde one, the interwiewer aint bad either
Fletcher Ross
Fletcher Ross 18 日 前
Shot uso Carlos 👊💯🇼🇸💥
David Connor
David Connor 18 日 前
Oh shit, Saldana's missing a finger? Much Respect for what he can in that cage.
Dezybee Brown
Dezybee Brown 18 日 前
I like Jared. And up the Kiwis ❤️🙌🏽
Spartan m1lf
Spartan m1lf 18 日 前
Bruh Jared's gonna have to learn to talk shit, it's the UFC, c'mon buddy 🤘
Snoop Eastwood
Snoop Eastwood 18 日 前
Sanko looking like a whole snack
A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty
A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty 18 日 前
A sign of today's time - a full dress, from shoulders to the legs. Obviously beautiful color. But with a cut in the chest area to properly display the advantages for Men 😎👍🏻 i love it 😁😍
sinista_nz 18 日 前
Don't listen to the Aussies Carlos is how a normal New Zealander sounds
Rawiri NZ
Rawiri NZ 18 日 前
The bro Carlos holding it down for CKB 💪🏾 🇳🇿 lessshgooo!
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 18 日 前
Social distancing?
I C 18 日 前
Gotta love Megan & Laura
flickthebean bear
flickthebean bear 18 日 前
His mindset is what will take him there, izzy is a true g like this guy
flickthebean bear
flickthebean bear 18 日 前
Izzy is right this guy from his camp is a killer
lucas vega
lucas vega 18 日 前
que orgullo csm!!!! que grande Bahamondes! un crack, tienes todo el apoyo desde Chile!! un gran abrazo bro
Ata Brown
Ata Brown 18 日 前
Maori/Samoan, deathly DNA combination. Leshgoooooo Aotearoa!!!!!!
Brian L
Brian L 18 日 前
Laura Sanko vs Megan Olivi, lets goooo
TheAntManChannel 17 日 前
You would pre yourself.
TheSatisfied Customer
TheSatisfied Customer 18 日 前
Carlos banged Laura last night the lucky bastard:
Tim Robertson
Tim Robertson 18 日 前
Congratulations Carlos. Absolutely deserved. CKB takeover.
Jonny Ven
Jonny Ven 18 日 前
The winner of this contest as a result of a unanimous decision and the newwwwww POTUS Joseph "sleepy joe" biden!!!!
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 18 日 前
I only watch for Laura.
Do you guys think Dana hit that 🤔
JF Reinhoffer
JF Reinhoffer 18 日 前
Ulberg got stretch marks on his shoulder/pec ... better hide from usada
Riahs Crew
Riahs Crew 18 日 前
Laura just conceived Carlos’ babies 😆
786 body fitness
786 body fitness 18 日 前
I'm from India 🇮🇳🇵🇰🌹
lil Artman X
lil Artman X 18 日 前
Never taking my girl to a Carlos fight 🤣
T Bag
T Bag 15 日 前
Enrique Salazar MMA
Enrique Salazar MMA 18 日 前
Awesome Bahamondes 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱
Marcus Sebastian
Marcus Sebastian 18 日 前
Laura Sanko ....... i mean wow!
Sai Madhav
Sai Madhav 18 日 前
Naughty Dana always hits on Laura lol
Colin Burke
Colin Burke 18 日 前
1:29 I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Charlotte louise
Charlotte louise 18 日 前
Yey now they get to have part time jobs instead of full time lol
soadboy66 18 日 前
This guy Jared reminds me of Matt Mitrione lmao
one foot out the door
one foot out the door 18 日 前
Awesome episode (best of this season )
nir S
nir S 18 日 前
amaazing finishies amazing fights!
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 18 日 前
Dana white tagging the hell out of that
The CursedSharingan
The CursedSharingan 18 日 前
My fight prediction for fight night jppost.info/project/0amrnJSbg4_Whb8/bideo.html
Ravi A
Ravi A 18 日 前
I wish I was there
Ándu 18 日 前
First dude already sounds like he has brain damage
self discarded king of ruin 72
self discarded king of ruin 72 18 日 前
Laura lookin good as usual
J.D 18 日 前
I love how some people Ignore Covid Like it doesn't Exist I also Ignored it never wore a mask and never distanced myself because its fake I'm still fine and enjoying life like never before thanks to The Government/Illuminati for failing ❤
Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson 18 日 前
Jared Vanderaa, is a gem haha love that guy. The woo
ME ME 18 日 前
their needs to be an independent body, enforcing a fair system. this dana white, good ole boy system blows hog crap
Kid mma Fan
Kid mma Fan 18 日 前
Looks like a welterweight
abdellatif wassim
abdellatif wassim 18 日 前
Mansour barnaoui the best fighter jppost.info/project/lZmhZaqqiIqsmM0/bideo.html
Liberal Media Brainwashing
Liberal Media Brainwashing 19 日 前
I watch this just for Laura. I know I'm not the only one.
Raja Arjun
Raja Arjun 19 日 前
Congress all guys 👍👍👍👍
Dan Potaka
Dan Potaka 19 日 前
Yeah Carlos!!!
Santhosh Varada
Santhosh Varada 19 日 前
Santhosh Varada
Santhosh Varada 19 日 前
Telugu Actor Jr NTR
Santhosh Varada
Santhosh Varada 19 日 前
Mathew Barnes
Mathew Barnes 19 日 前
That heavyweight I can tell will be a fan fav. Hope he does well
Jay Nix
Jay Nix 19 日 前
Whats this girl's name again?
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV 19 日 前
Ignacio will kill Usman. Mark my words.
Marcin Koszczyński
Marcin Koszczyński 19 日 前
Jared Diego mentality.
DeadShot! 19 日 前
Look at those funbags!
bob bobing son
bob bobing son 19 日 前
Wtf that dude has one finger missing
Marco ThePhoenix
Marco ThePhoenix 19 日 前
Laura is such a dimepiece
Saksham Srivastava
Saksham Srivastava 19 日 前
Dana got crush on Laura
The King
The King 19 日 前
Give this woman the commentary job....
Ethan Underwood
Ethan Underwood 19 日 前
Luis Saldana!!!! I remember when we trained together when u were in the MCC! Godd job brotha well fucking deserved!
Batcat 19 日 前
Congrats Carlos and to the other fighters.🕺
Justin Hewitt
Justin Hewitt 19 日 前
Jared's voice cracks me up man 😅
Stephen maharaj
Stephen maharaj 19 日 前
Laura sanko is smoking hot!
javier rubio
javier rubio 19 日 前
Hispanos guerreros
Dee Jaaay
Dee Jaaay 19 日 前
Laura wants some 😉😂😂🤣
Ghost Ghost
Ghost Ghost 19 日 前
She's a Darling 😘
Henare Rota
Henare Rota 19 日 前
jared is my new favourite fighter
Gee Blood
Gee Blood 19 日 前
Yea boi Carlos ulberg you killer!!..well done brother
henz lm11
henz lm11 19 日 前
Finally ulberg is getting recognised. Future champ in the making💯
I took clen I got 6 pack abs in two weeks it works
I took clen I got 6 pack abs in two weeks it works 19 日 前
red dana
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf 19 日 前
Tim BM
Tim BM 19 日 前
Sanko is 🔥
Roy Davidson
Roy Davidson 19 日 前
Dana white looks like the Boogie man from Nightmare before Christmas.
Alec S
Alec S 19 日 前
Good fights in this series. Laura looks amazing also lol just figured I’d throw that in that.
XxJOTANxX 19 日 前
This girl is 😍😍😍
yannich1991 19 日 前
Bahamondes has great energy and fights great.
Speke 19 日 前
Jared very likeable
Vivekk Sharkharr
Vivekk Sharkharr 19 日 前
She is fire 🔥 , just like her dress.
wahid din
wahid din 19 日 前
UFC yes
D 685
D 685 19 日 前
Congrats City Kickboxing!!! Ulburg next up!!! New Zealand taking over ! 685 x 275 🇼🇸🇳🇿
Vato Loko
Vato Loko 16 日 前
Ayye he’s from otara 🤣💀💀
Ata Brown
Ata Brown 18 日 前
Yes #275
Cris R
Cris R 19 日 前
Idk what it is with red dresses gdamn 😍
mickey jericho
mickey jericho 19 日 前
Dana Injecting ketchup in his head.
THAT 682KID 19 日 前
CARLOS ULBERG SEKI USO OTARA 274 SOUTH SIDE OF AUCKLAND NZ been waiting for this moment u did it uso
j WeeZy
j WeeZy 19 日 前
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 19 日 前
Red dress looks amazing on her
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 5 日 前
Fuck what the dress looks like on her, she looks amazing wearing that dress!
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 19 日 前
Ladies are gonna love Carlos!
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