One Kick Changed Joaquin Buckley's Life

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

16 日 前

Joaquin Buckley's viral finish, and potential knockout of the year, last month on Fight Island lit up the MMA and sports world. Buckley looks to build on that moment at UFC 255 and climb the middleweight division.
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upt0wndc 4 分 前
TheAdventangel 6 分 前
Dude still wrking 9 to 5 tho so how has his life changed..... ufc need to pay these high level athletes
Fart Head
Fart Head 55 分 前
Just watching his training footage you can tell James Krause is 100% right. Dudes trying to take the head off his sparring partner at the end there LOL
Che Corkum
Che Corkum 時間 前
the kick is real, social media is fake, keep your head, ftw.
Dro 007
Dro 007 2 時間 前
Stay humble and keep working hard!
Xavier's Finance
Xavier's Finance 3 時間 前
That was a taekwondo kick, might start taking taekwondo again
JACOB B 7 時間 前
That kick is legend
Yahir Cruz-villarreal
Yahir Cruz-villarreal 9 時間 前
but can he do it again? time will tell!
Jorge Caraballo
Jorge Caraballo 10 時間 前
BIG SHIT Donald enjoyed your fight . Who the hell cares?
tehf00n 10 時間 前
Built like a brick shithouse.
Сверх-Державец паспартович
Сверх-Державец паспартович 11 時間 前
Narek Avetisyan
Narek Avetisyan 11 時間 前
Everybody talks about that kick. But let's also give credit to the guy who took the kick and went down in a beautiful movie like fashion! I though I'd never see something like that. It was epic!!
Davis 12 時間 前
S G 13 時間 前
Sweet lord forgive us
What music did kanye make for this?!
Junk Bond Trader
Junk Bond Trader 15 時間 前
He looks like Waldo from Family Matters. Grew out of his awkward phase.
heavystarch100 18 時間 前
Awesome...but who gives a 💩 what the worst leader in history thinks!! Not to mention the most un athletic president ever including Roosevelt!🤣🤣
D,A Smith
D,A Smith 21 時間 前
He got that kick from TMNT 2 the secret of the ooze
D,A Smith
D,A Smith 21 時間 前
that dude who got knocked out will forever be remembered for having his eyes roll up in the back of his head.
Dan Delaney
Dan Delaney 22 時間 前
Is this dude just buff nick cannon
H H 日 前
It didn’t change his life hes still working a normal job
Adam Gregory
Adam Gregory 日 前
I love how the left commentator wasn’t paying attention and just yelled😂
jene grege
jene grege 日 前
Very overrated kick action.
Kimberly Kim
Kimberly Kim 日 前
More tkd ko's please.
MindOfW FIFA Virtual Pro Lookalikes
MindOfW FIFA Virtual Pro Lookalikes 日 前
That one kick power up my Christmas Tree
iRacing Rookie
iRacing Rookie 日 前
shame the card was boring
superbike1 日 前
One bop on the chin is all it takes.
A Cabsalt
A Cabsalt 日 前
why do you have to mention donald trump in this video?
Riki 日 前
It’s always the same boring hype. Anyway that kick was awesome.
Matt Rum
Matt Rum 日 前
yo when did lil nas get so buff!
Mars 日 前
Yeah... This kid got a potential to be superstar..
Aj Tao
Aj Tao 日 前
This one kick was life changing for other dude too, he will only be remembered for his instant defeat.
BMW R1200GS Adventure
BMW R1200GS Adventure 日 前
Bet he still flinches from his Mama's raised hand...
Video Ezy
Video Ezy 日 前
his recent fight was just as deadly but he needs to slowdown. hes underpressure to keep up the highlight reel you can tell by the way he throws his punches and kicks. he will be a top fighter with better composure
Reaper 日 前
The ice remake has to be the greatest version of this video besides the original of course!
Desh Sharma
Desh Sharma 日 前
Dang !!!!! If this guy was a stock, I would have invested a good amount on him.
Jin Juicy
Jin Juicy 2 日 前
This not the first time I've seen this kick in mma so I'm not really as impressed as everyone else
Dr. Greenthumb
Dr. Greenthumb 2 日 前
wasp 'ed
wasp 'ed 2 日 前
didn't straighten his leg. 8/10
Rudolph de Bollivier
Rudolph de Bollivier 2 日 前
ninpo joaquin no jutsu
Jad Faris
Jad Faris 2 日 前
Dude is very unliked among his peers in St. Louis.
LeninFPV 2 日 前
I was about to be inspired until the Trump comment...lame.
Alvin Ong
Alvin Ong 2 日 前
This kick is useless. Fight Khabib if you dare, he will rip you apart.
Lauren Middleton
Lauren Middleton 2 日 前
I wouldn't recognize him at a UFC event.. and I bet 75% of the UFC wouldn't either.. the kick was amazing but honestly this guy has zero star appeal.
Johnny Ringo Fry
Johnny Ringo Fry 2 日 前
Dan Hardy missed the kick. Hes pretending he saw it to try to fit in.
Cole Calleri
Cole Calleri 2 日 前
Maybe we can get this guy to fight Jake Paul
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 2 日 前
It's just a kick .. you americans are addicted to hype.. it's actually just like religion
David Meads
David Meads 2 日 前
Before he did this it was considered pretty much impossible
Justin H
Justin H 2 日 前
This guys is an absolute monster! His body is terrifying :O I must only see the mcgregors and such
T. Minus 10
T. Minus 10 2 日 前
His opponent grabbed Buckley's left foot giving him leverage for a turning right foot to the face, perfect timing.
Kalifay G
Kalifay G 2 日 前
The announcer in the black shirt didnt even see it lol.
mario terzikhan
mario terzikhan 3 日 前
Changed his life how insted of getting 40 k a year now he gets 60k you cheap fucks
Senpai coley
Senpai coley 3 日 前
It's a wrestling technique it's from WWE 🙄I'm not impressed at all the kid and the way he fights is two dimensional ! I'm falling asleep mostly because all of yall !! Come on now, all yall complimenting this kid y'all mean to tell me y'all have never seen Rey Mysterio do this .....pppllleeeaaassseeeeeee spare me, stop gushing. My God I hope the kid doesn't flop , cus Ray did it first and does it better , but yall dont keep yall Hope's up he's a kid and THIS is going to his head .
Bish Bish
Bish Bish 3 日 前
Good kick, almost as good like the one in my father's stories when he won with a bear.
Ihavetopushmycar 3 日 前
Of course Dan Hardy was looking down lmaoooo
Love Kills Fear
Love Kills Fear 3 日 前
That is using your brain :)
Uncle Stubs
Uncle Stubs 3 日 前
That was like watching a tree fall, damn
Wojtek Tolsdorf
Wojtek Tolsdorf 3 日 前
It changed his opponent's life as well - no longer can enjoy solid foods.
Ranger 1776
Ranger 1776 3 日 前
Snake 3 日 前
“Hey dont grab my foot” (murders opponent)
Servant Of God
Servant Of God 3 日 前
It might’ve seemed like a kick, but in reality that was a spear.
I’d like to seem him bring that performance again
Boar Hog
Boar Hog 3 日 前
Does he have a chin? Time will tell because he will get hit as well. They all do
Cueto AA
Cueto AA 3 日 前
He kicked the Buckley :V
Rick Hollmer
Rick Hollmer 3 日 前
Haaarrr DUKIN!
Zeraphyre Trinity
Zeraphyre Trinity 3 日 前
0 - 100 real quick
Jhustine Fernandez
Jhustine Fernandez 3 日 前
It was like a mortal combat scene where you forgot to finish him
Akeem Arana
Akeem Arana 3 日 前
I’ve actually never seen this vid
Taekwon-do kik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Solobro
John Solobro 3 日 前
You can tell by the training footage that he always practices closing distance with aggression. Guys scary.
SolarCasanova 3 日 前
Lucky kick.... it was entirely according to plan
DZ 3 日 前
Who’s here from the mortal combat edit 🤣
Bobby Walker
Bobby Walker 3 日 前
he's gonna need to learn some discipline if he wants to possibly be champion bc right now he has none.
Cody Ingram
Cody Ingram 3 日 前
Sorry. But I'd be really surprised if people remember his name by next year. The kid seems to have talent but so does everyone at his level. Only now he's got more pressure on him to amaze everyone and its not likely he will again. I hope I'm wrong.
hobo 3 日 前
just me or does Kevin Iole not even know wth he's typing? @1:04
imeldo marcos
imeldo marcos 3 日 前
That could be fatal honestly.
AlexVids 3 日 前
supposedly this guy is a jerk at gyms trying to fight not spare...
Ds s1311
Ds s1311 3 日 前
Will you please kick me in the face? I'll drop like a 2x4 and we can split the money? That kick will never be forgotten, and I would be honered to receive it!!
maven 3 日 前
Stopped watchin' when Drumpf was mentioned.
Jon Poole
Jon Poole 4 日 前
Congratulations on the win. Nice response to the leg grab.
viasevenvai 4 日 前
I think it's from Karate Kid but it's definitely most from TMNT the original 1st movie against the foot clan. 1980's FTW (that's for the win for the real OG)
Crazy 4 Youtube
Crazy 4 Youtube 4 日 前
Taekwondo kick. Not one style. Truly mixed martial arts.
Ricardo8388 4 日 前
The only thing bad about that kick was his moustache.
Craymont 4 日 前
First Khamzat,now Joaquin,nothing but respect to those guys,but i don't wanna see them end up like Sean O'Malley. Hype is real,but let's wait.
oliver armstrong
oliver armstrong 4 日 前
I felt that kick Ricochet in The UK
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 4 日 前
Why did they have to make it about politics again
OneEco 4 日 前
Don't hype him up too much. I don't want to feel disappointed if he suddenly goes down.
Gilbert Couto
Gilbert Couto 4 日 前
FK masks.. fkin sheeple
Tim Tremblay
Tim Tremblay 4 日 前
It only takes 1
Sadek Ali
Sadek Ali 4 日 前
They kick getting him out the hood
jeremy Meyer
jeremy Meyer 4 日 前
It was a good read but most of us who did Taekwondo threw kicks like that every day. The boxing and kicking game and even the grappling game is still way behind in MMA.
Pecanje u pokušaju
Pecanje u pokušaju 4 日 前
Look at the first commentator, he hasn't seen anything, only react like a fool hahah 😂😂😂
Lightning P ai
Lightning P ai 4 日 前
0:07 Is it just me or the guy on the far left didn't see it ?
cooper23231 4 日 前
*Holland joins the chat*
Liberty 4 日 前
I like how his opponent fell to the canvas, like in movies. 👍🏻👍🏻
Alexander Lang
Alexander Lang 4 日 前
look like a bronny james buffed version HAHAHAHAHAH....
Kevin Weller
Kevin Weller 4 日 前
Hes going to be a champ if he keeps his mind right! sick kick..
Draven Vise
Draven Vise 4 日 前
El Dostor
El Dostor 5 日 前
stop promoting him so much. It's gonna be sugar sean o'malley 2.0 lol
David C.M.
David C.M. 5 日 前
He is a nice guy
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