A Family Affair - Siblings Fighting on Same UFC Card

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

5 日 前

It's always a special moment when a pair of siblings make an appearance on the same UFC card. The first siblings to fight at the same event were Joe and Dan Lauzon at UFC 108 in 2010. Valentina and Antonina Shevchenko look to join this list at UFC 255.
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Cody Last Name
Cody Last Name 20 時間 前
I wonder if we will ever see siblings fight each other in the UFC...almost happened with Ken and Frank Shamrock supposedly.
LoudLover05 21 時間 前
Only if we would of ever had the Diaz brothers on the same card😣😔😔
Stanislav Zaverukha
Stanislav Zaverukha 23 時間 前
Yeah but their not fighting each other
Zar_ ttg
Zar_ ttg 日 前
im a twin so I wouldn't fight my brother in the ring for entertainment or payment im just being honest
Iqbaal Hardiansyah
Iqbaal Hardiansyah 日 前
Like klitschko brothers
Mohammed Ahmmed
Mohammed Ahmmed 日 前
هولاء ليس اخوان بل اعداء
Mausa Siau
Mausa Siau 2 日 前
This is called UFC incest!
Nadeem Wolverine
Nadeem Wolverine 2 日 前
Tito is covering his eye!
TheAntManChannel 2 日 前
I want to see Teymur vs. Garbrandt lol
MC Elveblæst
MC Elveblæst 2 日 前
Nick and Nate Diaz?
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele 3 日 前
Talk about a family indaba
Erik Arnawan
Erik Arnawan 3 日 前
Oliviera was fought in 2010, already 10 years in ufc
Douche Monkey
Douche Monkey 3 日 前
Before Showtime got fatter he was on a roll. Besides lay n pray Guida fight lol.
Butterfly Bei
Butterfly Bei 3 日 前
The Noguiera brothers look like Twins.
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I took clen I got 6 pack abs in two weeks it works 3 日 前
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Name 3 日 前
When your brother doesn't pass the X-box when it's your turn.
Kerim Muratgeldiyew
Kerim Muratgeldiyew 3 日 前
where is diaz
pork wop
pork wop 3 日 前
Pretty crazy that Jim miller caught oliviera in a heel hook.
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata 3 日 前
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Mohamed Mokadim
Mohamed Mokadim 3 日 前
A God faeit 👍o peopel ! Say there is no God worthy of worship except ALLAH and you wil be successful.
Kristiyan Vangelov
Kristiyan Vangelov 4 日 前
Masvidal vs Conor when ?
Vinicius Almeida
Vinicius Almeida 4 日 前
Wow Nogueira threw away that second fight against Mir.
Ragnarr Loðbrók
Ragnarr Loðbrók 4 日 前
Smh, you left out the only siblings in UFC history who actually fought each other. Jones and Usada. 😎
SirRick Bangga
SirRick Bangga 4 日 前
When your bought some gloves Bc you and your brother kept fighting over who plays nintendo first 😂
Number One Bullshit Podcast
Number One Bullshit Podcast 4 日 前
Louis Cosce and Orion Cosce in DWCS
C Wallace
C Wallace 4 日 前
ah yes, the legendary Alcantara brothers
neville - mladen
neville - mladen 4 日 前
Disgusting to see two brothers fight - Sick stupid lawless IDIOTS, with no wisdom
nir S
nir S 4 日 前
Mike 'The Nigerian Nightmare' Perry
S E 4 日 前
UFC should have booked 12 sets of brothers on one card in Philadelphia.
priyatham N
priyatham N 4 日 前
0:49 i thought that arm will break for good damn scary
dannyrivera8300 4 日 前
I wanna see brother fight each other as far as I know its never happened
Swedish 2 日 前
i dont.
Mohammed Aman Rahim
Mohammed Aman Rahim 4 日 前
jppost.info/project/t4WjgK16Zayvmrs/bideo.html :EA Sports UFC 4 video game. Khamzat Vs Leon Edwards.
Dale Middleton
Dale Middleton 4 日 前
If these men were in tne ring with high level boxers or k1 kicckboxers they would be destroyed
Teemu vähäsuo
Teemu vähäsuo 4 日 前
Go away
carlos blanco
carlos blanco 4 日 前
Hola gracias por aceptarme si te gusta comparte jppost.info/project/2V2GmZV_d56wgJ4/bideo.html jppost.info/project/q2FvftiZgZzbpK8/bideo.html
In Progress
In Progress 4 日 前
Fun fact: UFC 124 had both Nogueira brothers and Miller brothers.
Mubeen Ahmed
Mubeen Ahmed 4 日 前
Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Commentall 4 日 前
Nogueira fought twice that night, he just used different skins.
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano 4 日 前
Jim Miller subbed Charles fucking OLIVERA!?!? What an accomplishment
Baron Karza
Baron Karza 4 日 前
They both kinda suck.
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas 4 日 前
They called Joe Lauzon Creepy Joe at the TUF house. More than likely we'll have a Creepy Joe at the White House.
Jesse S
Jesse S 2 日 前
Odds are he won't live that long, but maybe.
Ba Doai
Ba Doai 4 日 前
..wow ohjppost.info/project/knGcf9FxeoKdo5Y/bideo.html
Nature Boy
Nature Boy 4 日 前
BoOm RoAsTeD
Serbian MMA
Serbian MMA 4 日 前
7:58 the underwear guy😂😂
Swedish 2 日 前
can u explain the meme lol
Luis J Gomez's Son
Luis J Gomez's Son 4 日 前
Great editing UFC. Top notch
tim ford
tim ford 4 日 前
Who won on the same night?
Spy PM2
Spy PM2 4 日 前
Look! It's the two idiots who tried to feed a carrot to a bus!
low life
low life 4 日 前
H B 4 日 前
Blair Samott
Blair Samott 4 日 前
Small tip for this video: No ending means no victory
Henry Autumn
Henry Autumn 3 日 前
Lol i noticed. Marketing is better than bjj
sinnceer era
sinnceer era 4 日 前
lion fff
lion fff 4 日 前
Mourisio,murilo Rua brothers?
Matuscara ت
Matuscara ت 3 日 前
@lion fff I'm not him, there is nothing to be sorry 👍
lion fff
lion fff 3 日 前
@Matuscara ت sorry!🙂
Matuscara ت
Matuscara ت 4 日 前
L_S X 4 日 前
I wonder what their parents are thinking when they fight. .. "Oh darling, I remember when they fight for that toy car~"
FortSniped 4 日 前
@0:07 anybody else thought they were fighting eachother lmao
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr 4 日 前
Shevchenko sisters will be the first female siblings to fight on the same UFC card 💙
_Untitled _
_Untitled _ 4 日 前
4:57 Ben Askren sticks out like a sore thumb there
sean f
sean f 4 日 前
had no idea anthony had a brother
Oprah sides chair
Oprah sides chair 4 日 前
Did y’all see Charles tap to nothing or am I tripping ?
Shoe Nice Classic Uploads
Shoe Nice Classic Uploads 4 日 前
Nick and Nate 2021
Shoe Nice Classic Uploads
Shoe Nice Classic Uploads 4 日 前
Prediction Nick and Nate 2021
shekeladom 4 日 前
When did Josh Brolin get cauliflower ear.
Thc DefiantOne
Thc DefiantOne 4 日 前
Jim miller submitting Charles Olivera is absolutely FUCKING nuts tbh
Raymond Si
Raymond Si 4 日 前
Their parents must be so proud.
zippy0099 4 日 前
What ever happened to the Ruffo brothers?
BRENT Conlon
BRENT Conlon 4 日 前
That last comment was just stupid
Caden Cressman
Caden Cressman 4 日 前
Cant believe the Diaz bros have never fought on the same card, people would have gone wild if they did
Kristian Smiljanic
Kristian Smiljanic 4 日 前
Quite sure they refuse to
786 body fitness
786 body fitness 4 日 前
Beautiful video 😍
Ashley Peacock
Ashley Peacock 4 日 前
What about the sera brothers lol
Deacon 4 日 前
Louis and Orion Cosce should be next!
The best brothers, Emelianenko.
Matuscara ت
Matuscara ت 4 日 前
Francisco Esquerra
Francisco Esquerra 4 日 前
Looks like choosin the same character at Any fight game.
Liam Hill
Liam Hill 4 日 前
I had no idea Ildemar and Iuri were brothers. Ildemar is so much larger.
Christian Hip
Christian Hip 4 日 前
The only brothers i care for are: the diaz brothers and the brothers of destruction.
Wa1rior 4 日 前
That awesome
Kyle Konopka
Kyle Konopka 4 日 前
2:14 I heard these guys tried to feed a bus a carrot
adi karismaa
adi karismaa 4 日 前
Woahhh,big fella!!! The man the myth the legend Noguera's brother
matthew thomson
matthew thomson 4 日 前
Ufc missed out on having the diaz bros on ufc 209.
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 4 日 前
Charles is a top bjj guy and gets subbed a lot
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje 4 日 前
Because he does a lot of risky moves
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 4 日 前
What’s the difference between their names 😂😂😂no matter how much I try to remember I think they have the same names
Casca 4 日 前
Antonio Rodrigo and Antonio Rogerio
Amar Jadid Muhamad
Amar Jadid Muhamad 4 日 前
Oo same card.. Not same fight
Adam Badali
Adam Badali 4 日 前
As soon as I saw this I thought of the Pettis bros
Irish Maverick
Irish Maverick 4 日 前
Fun fact: As a pastime the Nogueira brothers enjoy feeding carrots to buses
Bryan Sobejana
Bryan Sobejana 日 前
The Irish guy won't win in a trashtalk battle against "The American Gangster"! Not even close!
Make it Reggae
Make it Reggae 3 日 前
Hiesenberg Jr
Hiesenberg Jr 3 日 前
Wasnt one of them patting the bus whilst the other was feeding it? 😂😂😂😂😂
Edward Kress
Edward Kress 3 日 前
@shane white I wonder what the noguiera brothers thought when conor tried to attack that poor horse with a dolley.
shane white
shane white 3 日 前
@Drew O'Donnell Ah another irishman with no sense of humour. I'll go punch an old man, you guys seem to enjoy that
Joe camel
Joe camel 4 日 前
Tito hasn’t been mainstream
Ginna Kilong
Ginna Kilong 4 日 前
On 6th Oct 2018 at UFC 229, Sergio and Anthony Pettis fought at the same card. Sergio won and Anthony lose to Ferguson
Adam Badali
Adam Badali 4 日 前
"I was in Las Vegas when the Nogueira brothers first touched down in America. There was a bus, this is a true story. There was a bus that pulled up to a red light, and Little Nog tried to feed it a carrot, while Big Nog was petting it. He thought it was a horse. "This really happened. He tried to feed a bus a carrot, and now you're telling me this country has computers? I didn't know that!" *- Chael P. Sonnen*
Edward Kress
Edward Kress 3 日 前
I wonder what the noguiera brothers thought when conor used a dolley to attack that poor horse
Matuscara ت
Matuscara ت 4 日 前
Sonnen is a clown
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 4 日 前
G..oh yesjppost.info/project/3HaDZKKGj3u_ep4/bideo.html
BestInTheWorld111 4 日 前
Undefeated. Undisputed.
Miss Dimples
Miss Dimples 4 日 前
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Jesus From America
Jesus From America 4 日 前
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV 4 日 前
Same card But never same event Would've loved it, but of course it's not possible for too many reasons lmao
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale 4 日 前
We just need Jon and Chandler Jones now
Omar Salas
Omar Salas 4 日 前
So will Valentina and Antonia be the first sisters to ever fight on the same card?
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 4 日 前
H..oh yesjppost.info/project/3HaDZKKGj3u_ep4/bideo.html
S.K. SPORTS 4 日 前
Matt heww
Matt heww 4 日 前
They're the first sisters to be signed with the UFC simultaneously.
Ralph Bryan Palma
Ralph Bryan Palma 4 日 前
UFC forgot that
Matthew Lo
Matthew Lo 4 日 前
Yes! Albeit Antonina will on the prelims against Ariane Lipski and Valentina will defender her 125 title against Jennifer Maia.
Adam Badali
Adam Badali 4 日 前
Damn that’s a cool frickin’ accomplishment to have. 💯
Bon James
Bon James 4 日 前
Now i know where the joe rogan "Woooowwww!" Comes from.
Bon James
Bon James 3 日 前
@iigoezkrazy 2:00
Bon James
Bon James 3 日 前
After jim Miller kneebars charles Oliveira.
iigoezkrazy 4 日 前
Hamza Khaliq
Hamza Khaliq 4 日 前
Have Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya ever fought on the same card? If so then they should be in this video.
Mi-Mi-Mi Ko
Mi-Mi-Mi Ko 4 日 前
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Arif Alam
Arif Alam 4 日 前
Did herbert and gilbert burns fight on the same card this year? Can't remember
No 🧢
No 🧢 4 日 前
Alexander Lin
Alexander Lin 4 日 前
The Pettis bros were my fav to watch back in their hay day 😝
Kdott The Prophett47
Kdott The Prophett47 4 日 前
7:26 I bet before the fight he told his brother to take care of his underwears
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 2 日 前
@Swedish jppost.info/project/u3qpltiiiYjHlrs/bideo.html
Swedish 2 日 前
@Alejandro Sanchez can u please explain lol
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 4 日 前
@GrandMaster ChitoWan I know it’s sad, especially since this is one of the funnier mma memes 😔
Ba Doai
Ba Doai 4 日 前
G..wow ohjppost.info/project/knGcf9FxeoKdo5Y/bideo.html
GrandMaster ChitoWan
GrandMaster ChitoWan 4 日 前
@Alejandro Sanchez people dont get mma memes lol
Austin T
Austin T 4 日 前
Siver and Lesnar
carry minati
carry minati 4 日 前
This is the rear fighting bro vs bro
okay day
okay day 4 日 前
xananasx 2 日 前
@Tejas Bhat Exactly lol , no excuses. Aint that hard to be honest
michael Rogers
michael Rogers 4 日 前
@Tejas Bhat congrats lol
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 4 日 前
H..oh yesjppost.info/project/3HaDZKKGj3u_ep4/bideo.html
Tejas Bhat
Tejas Bhat 4 日 前
@michael Rogers English isn't even my 3rd language
michael Rogers
michael Rogers 4 日 前
@Tejas Bhat I mean English isn’t my first language
omar 1234
omar 1234 4 日 前
where the fuck are the diaz brothers !!
João Leite
João Leite 4 日 前
❤ ❤
Daniel Barykin
Daniel Barykin 4 日 前
Don’t let this distract from the fact that Michael chandler is here for a good time not a long time!
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje
Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje 4 日 前
Wheres Mike Perry and Kamaru usman? They were on the same card at Ufc 245
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 2 日 前
Wherever there’s mma content, I always see you somewhere lol
TheAntManChannel 2 日 前
@Nick Defiler genius...I have to remember that one. 😆
A L.s
A L.s 4 日 前
Kamaru is nigerian and mike is just allowed to drop the ian
Shid Pooster
Shid Pooster 4 日 前
@Gill Bates Pretty sure he's 98% of Africa
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