Jared Cannonier - A New Threat at Middleweight

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

ヶ月 前

Competing in his third different division, Jared Cannonier rolled off three straight big finishes to start his middleweight career and looks like a threat at the top of the weight class.
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CarreCasper 3 日 前
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Dana McArdle
Dana McArdle 5 日 前
A new threat?, is that what you call someone who loses?
Justine Andrei Yadao
Justine Andrei Yadao 6 日 前
3:15 ESPN
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki 8 日 前
A new what?
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 9 日 前
Yep agreed! This guy is on his way up!! Keep doing your thing like you’re doing it Jared! Let your fight outcomes do the talking! 👊🏽
Tshamano Sedzesani
Tshamano Sedzesani 10 日 前
Adesanya can whoop his ass
James Spicer
James Spicer 10 日 前
Someone's looking for views 🤣.... Whittaker dropped him already dead in his tracks
dale85300 11 日 前
LMAO. Before he gets too good , come on man you couldn't best Whittaker, you have a lot of improving to do before you fight Foy the belt.
Josue Lys
Josue Lys 11 日 前
Dude Looks crazy in the thumbnail
Jamson Leandre
Jamson Leandre 12 日 前
Black panther wakanda 👊🏿
Tony Hoody
Tony Hoody 12 日 前
humble as hell 2, grew up scraping
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy 13 日 前
This did not she well 😢
Trung Cyf
Trung Cyf 14 日 前
Check out "50 elbows to the head" by Gary Goodridge on youtube.
Cortez Phenix
Cortez Phenix 14 日 前
Just in case you've never heard Silva scream "FUCK"- 1:41
Jim Raisamu
Jim Raisamu 14 日 前
Let's see him with Costa
Stefo 16 日 前
wayy over rated
Andrew 10
Andrew 10 16 日 前
Another one that aged well
Eloise Mitchell
Eloise Mitchell 17 日 前
Great fighting
Kenny Samson
Kenny Samson 17 日 前
Izy is in trouble.
GucciMane 17 日 前
at the end he talk like tupac A LOT... and thats good nice job man you are humble guy
NekaZaru 18 日 前
that build is scary
hamz iforti
hamz iforti 18 日 前
He looks scary
Sue Yang
Sue Yang 18 日 前
This is the same undefeated 36 year old that beat whittaker. True legend.
V Kil
V Kil 19 日 前
He is truly good. Keep up man!!
Collin hargrow
Collin hargrow 19 日 前
lol SIKE!
Super impressive
nimrod ifill
nimrod ifill 20 日 前
He has the ansesters power big up.
Roderick Daniel
Roderick Daniel 20 日 前
Yeah...People need to watch out for Homeboy. Damn! ✊🏾
Julio C
Julio C 20 日 前
Now here's a fighter with worth. I hate mayweather types that have no class. Cannonier; a true athlete.
Kane bourgeois
Kane bourgeois 19 日 前
he lost his newest fight
Arcade Kaos
Arcade Kaos 21 日 前
Sounds like Anderson Silva's English was pretty good when he was swearing he swears like a wise guy
Franko Berhane
Franko Berhane 21 日 前
K~wise 22 日 前
The new champions This guy will beat a lot of boxers trust me
Crazy 22 日 前
Still got faith in Jared. If he keeps getting better then he can for sure beat Izzy
Eoghanbass2000 22 日 前
Looks like he is made of Iron. Damn
BerzerK 22 日 前
This guy is made of steroids
goo boo
goo boo 22 日 前
"I'm a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude" - tropic thunder
So fine
So fine 22 日 前
🇱🇷Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this service and more
goood fight
Aaron Matthewz
Aaron Matthewz 22 日 前
He lost against whitteker tho
Donald Sapkota
Donald Sapkota 22 日 前
Jared Shittaker
FloopinHD 23 日 前
Looking back at it Hermansson is basically walmart Whittaker.
spybotist 23 日 前
Who's that sellout with a mic?
Steven Murray
Steven Murray 23 日 前
Charlemagne Losaria
Charlemagne Losaria 23 日 前
he kinda sus on the last part lol
JT Toe
JT Toe 23 日 前
No Tattoo. No wonder he is strong.
A K 23 日 前
I already know hell beat Gregors ass
Steve Ausrin
Steve Ausrin 23 日 前
That didn't age well.
Eli Cunningham
Eli Cunningham 23 日 前
He really looks like from off of ‘Django’
X Perk
X Perk 23 日 前
Please bring back “where are they now.”
Horus Hunter
Horus Hunter 24 日 前
IDK he looks to tire easily
Mung Hanghal
Mung Hanghal 24 日 前
Izzy is waiting for u
Alejandro González
Alejandro González 24 日 前
He just lost to Whittaker, the hell are you talking bout
Mat H
Mat H 24 日 前
Typical. Just like Khabib and Stipe. Every new contender is going to beat them, surpriiise they get whooped. Robert Whittaker back at it, not much hype🤷 like the other two, too respectful, not ripped enough, the UFC likes louds mouths and physical freaks. Makes the money's👌 UFC WWE
Joshua Satupati
Joshua Satupati 24 日 前
Bruh. Not anymore.
JoJoBones 24 日 前
And a man named Bobby Knuckles said what threat u mean Izzy !
Eric Shingles
Eric Shingles 24 日 前
Smart Lad and great technique
Co Z
Co Z 25 日 前
"Cannonier - A new threat to middleweight..." Whittaker: "Hold my fooking schooner...burp.."
Ricardo Santos Marques
Ricardo Santos Marques 25 日 前
Adesanya lol'd at this statement.
Randy Reyes
Randy Reyes 25 日 前
"to give everybody a chance... before I get too good for anybody"
CarlosF maizares
CarlosF maizares 25 日 前
lol lost, with a broke wittaker rofl
Calvin M
Calvin M 25 日 前
All the good fighters retired now they’re trying to hype random bla fighters lol
Shmelke Shmeel
Shmelke Shmeel 26 日 前
I didnt know that Joel Embiid could fight at middleweight.
Marco-Polo 26 日 前
safe to say the threat is over LOLZ
Nana Kwaku
Nana Kwaku 26 日 前
My best fight ever jppost.info/project/lqWQd85lnXuVnbM/bideo.html
PieceOfCandy 27 日 前
that guy is fckn scary
gunit 010
gunit 010 27 日 前
Lol you spoke too soon with the title buddy
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 27 日 前
Trying to double leg him is like double legging a wall
Eternal 27 日 前
I love this guy
J RA 27 日 前
Fitting last name. Dude has cannons.
He look like Jon Jones
David Kikon
David Kikon 27 日 前
Wakanda forever. The Black Panther
nicola grant
nicola grant 27 日 前
Lex Luther
Lex Luther 27 日 前
We thought he was a new threat until Robert Whittaker beat that ass
Threat 👀 😂
Bull Shark
Bull Shark 27 日 前
He looked small against Whitaker.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 27 日 前
Khamzat will fuck him up
AJ 24
AJ 24 27 日 前
He's so old tho
Etin Giwa-Osagie
Etin Giwa-Osagie 28 日 前
Yawn...."Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."
Kevin Fredrick
Kevin Fredrick 28 日 前
Can’t wait him to see him fight with adesenya
Fargolapse170 28 日 前
Whitaker gave him a good match
R ikimaru
R ikimaru 28 日 前
wow he is alot more modest that i have come to expect from ufc fighter.. my new fav :D
George Coull
George Coull 28 日 前
Humble ass monster machine warrior. Cant wait to see what's to come.
Dimi Arts
Dimi Arts 28 日 前
1:44 when i buck my toe against the corner of something
idgaf abtyou
idgaf abtyou 28 日 前
😂😂😂 is this a joke? These fake over hyped fights 🤣
G B 28 日 前
Aaaaaaaaand it's gone
Supriyadi Supriyadi
Supriyadi Supriyadi 28 日 前
You the best.
Divine Divination Device
Divine Divination Device 29 日 前
Canonier is Jess the only one not scared to fight above his skill class.... Don't think he will get past Whitaker to see Izzy... If he does then Izzy picks him apart...
Yug Hang
Yug Hang 28 日 前
@Divine Divination Device i never said cannonier would beat Whittaker. I just asked you if you watched the fight.
Divine Divination Device
Divine Divination Device 28 日 前
@Yug Hang u woulda owed me $1k... Lol
Yug Hang
Yug Hang 28 日 前
@Divine Divination Device what are you saying bruh.. the fight already happened and Whittaker won
Divine Divination Device
Divine Divination Device 29 日 前
@Yug Hang stop it... He doesn't get pass Whitaker... Bet on it?? $1k. Seriously if ur down wats ur cashapp
Yug Hang
Yug Hang 29 日 前
Did you not watch the fight?
Stel Franckk
Stel Franckk 29 日 前
Zaeem Athar
Zaeem Athar 29 日 前
Those punches are Heavy! 😱
bengia apo
bengia apo 29 日 前
just sayin but IF its SILVA , u know the leg...maybe he shouldl have it checked real good
Baki 29 日 前
Black Panther vibes
NZ Wookie
NZ Wookie 29 日 前
Guy with a name like Cannonier and his nickname is "Killer Gorilla"????
Hans_ kr
Hans_ kr 29 日 前
Wow literally a Canoner
금5천냥있음금5천냥있음 29 日 前
실바 그동안 인자를 못 만났어
Rose Jr
Rose Jr 29 日 前
He should fight adensanya
Beedeos videos
Beedeos videos 29 日 前
What a STRENGTH !!
Mato Z
Mato Z ヶ月 前
Cant wait Jared vs Israel
Michael Petrovich
Michael Petrovich ヶ月 前
I am not impressed.
rcoh4 ヶ月 前
This video didn't age well.
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