UFC Vegas 13: Weigh-in Faceoffs

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

18 日 前

Watch all of the fighters competing at UFC Vegas 13: Santos vs Teixeira face off with their opponent after weighing in on Friday morning.
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Stak Dollars
Stak Dollars 16 日 前
Somebody better tell Teixeira his to Old to be bullying kids 😬 can’t believe what these dudes doing at this age, sheeshhhhhhhhh!! Hope he gets a title shot, this veterano deserves that shit! The OG’s still got it kid.
Gang Archives
Gang Archives 16 日 前
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Gahdellas stats in wrestling are bad. She either doesn’t attempt or lot of attempts and fails. I watched the Hill fight. She had one good takedown and never attempted again vs a obvious stand up fighter lol now someone please tell me how the hell im supposed to bet on that. She’s probably gonna stand with that Chinese girl and lose. Or one pathetic TD attempt. Claudia can possibly win but I ain’t betting. So frustrating this type of thing. Pathetic wrestler she is. She try 1 time I try a 100 times. I don’t get her pathetic wrestling attempts. She lost that fight with Hill btw don’t know how the hell she got a decision. The Chinese girl beat Angela hill by UD lol Claudia basically lost to Hill. She got a cheated decision. How the hell am I supposed to bet on Claudia here I beg someone to tell me. All that been said above. Anik must be smoking she hasn’t really good wrestled anyone for years
Cody Hamilton
Cody Hamilton 16 日 前
Glover's been having a resurgence, im pumped for this.
Dewo Kumoro Aji
Dewo Kumoro Aji 16 日 前
Texeira looks fit
Matt Mckenna
Matt Mckenna 16 日 前
Glover got this, takes him down and game over
Rygaros 16 日 前
Glover 41, looks like 60
84slaughter 16 日 前
Really Hoping Claudia Looks Better In This Fight.
Goat. God. Remote.
Goat. God. Remote. 16 日 前
Taha for the win
Afgan good songs
Afgan good songs 16 日 前
Dominiguez bolo
Dominiguez bolo 16 日 前
To me one thing for sure, thiago santos is very strong in his upper body as well as in his lower body, it's almost equal I'm assuming and that's very important for any fighter and that's very important for almost any athlete.. Thiago has powerful punches as well as powerful kicks and for an elite striker he's great at defending against the elite wrestlers and grapplers takedowns and he doesn't allow himself to get controlled by great wrestlers and grapplers too much, for a striker he knows very well how to dictate on how the fight goes because most of the time it's the wrestlers and grapplers who dictates the fights.. And glover Teixeira is a great all around mma fighter, this man knows how to win a fight in many ways.. It should definitely be a great battle between these two I'm assuming.. For me overall, I'm betting on santos winning..
beat s
beat s 16 日 前
All these casual disrespecting glover in the comments will see 4th round tko ground an pound
CyberPunkPerera 16 日 前
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 16 日 前
Django 16 日 前
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no prisoners COMEDY
no prisoners COMEDY 16 日 前
Shit glover looking ripped
Aviad Yemini
Aviad Yemini 16 日 前
brendan yan going to be a fucking war
Mr. Poopybutthole
Mr. Poopybutthole 16 日 前
So they have masks on to stop the spread of covid-19 but they shake hands? Oh I forgot.. it's all a lie.. and now that Joe Biden is president he's going to make it all disappear.. amazing
Mr. Poopybutthole
Mr. Poopybutthole 16 日 前
@Thought Criminal lol
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal 16 日 前
Biden will make them wear those gay blue gloves
Ipwnkyle 16 日 前
Dang, Teixeira looks fantastic. Maybe it's because of the weight cut, but he looks the leanest I've ever seen him.
Man Santos just looks like a fucking hammer man
Anders D
Anders D 16 日 前
Glover looks great for his age
Dahal Karjee
Dahal Karjee 16 日 前
Sure this time also Glover will win and this will be very quick.
A P 16 日 前
Nothing more Canadian than Boser's reaction to not shaking Arlovski's hand lol
Ariel Marciniak
Ariel Marciniak 16 日 前
2:42 On the Right Lukasz Chlewicki
KAZO98’ 16 日 前
Santos by KO within 3
Louis Baltimore
Louis Baltimore 16 日 前
La musculature de Glover 💪🏾🔥 (The Glover's Shape)
LMB Shinobi
LMB Shinobi 16 日 前
Glover looks incredible!!!
Test Tube
Test Tube 16 日 前
I thought DC got fit in the thumbnail.
bob Hanncock
bob Hanncock 16 日 前
bob Hanncock
bob Hanncock 16 日 前
Big fght
Armando Maradona
Armando Maradona 16 日 前
Ramiz Brahimaj 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱
Kola Kola
Kola Kola 16 日 前
Santos will kill him
Chawan & Hemin Vlogs
Chawan & Hemin Vlogs 16 日 前
This is going to be 👌
Dating LOVE69
Dating LOVE69 16 日 前
💖Did you see these girls -> LOVE69.PL
Christian McDonald
Christian McDonald 16 日 前
Alex 16 日 前
Thiago Santos vs Junior Dos Santos
god 16 日 前
im seein a ko from thiago
TheAntManChannel 17 日 前
Let's go, Glover!!!
Rich Evans
Rich Evans 17 日 前
Some good fights here. Interesting style matchups
HowAboutNo 17 日 前
Santos looking huge even at weigh day, wtf
Abdullah M
Abdullah M 17 日 前
2:27 😂😂😂😂
amirali 007ss
amirali 007ss 17 日 前
Thiago santos is the man . His fighting style is spactacular.
Smash It Up Aye
Smash It Up Aye 17 日 前
Who is the skinnier, smaller, but has more hair than dana in the middle that couldnt stop these fighters even if he wanted too guy????
Cisco Gaspar
Cisco Gaspar 17 日 前
Nice to see JDS back. He looks good!
My head always spins on these cards that I only know about 4 fighters
goglespurt 17 日 前
Andrei Arlovski can finally hide his glass chin under that new beard 👏🏻
Jason Born
Jason Born 17 日 前
cut this face masks bullshit. Some do, some don't. What a joke
Stephen maharaj
Stephen maharaj 17 日 前
Glover gonna get slept
Christian S
Christian S 17 日 前
Santos vs teixeira can only be a war...
WhySoSerious 17 日 前
Thiago will brutalize glover
Julian Ghingree
Julian Ghingree 17 日 前
Great main card ufc keep it comming santos first round tko
TheOriginalMakaaka 17 日 前
I hope Giga's opponent is very good, never heard of him before. Giga is one of the most competitive and aggressive fighters - on top of being one of the most skilled strikers. Teixeria is hard to predict. I'm pretty sure Santos will win.
Vaquero Vegano
Vaquero Vegano 17 日 前
Oh ma god I thought it Junior Dos Santos dis whole time lol
Chris N.
Chris N. 17 日 前
i guess thiago will be mucht oo quick and sharp for glover...
Reds Maroon
Reds Maroon 17 日 前
Glover looks big.. i thought im seeing JDS
786 body fitness
786 body fitness 17 日 前
I'm from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇮🇳🌹♥️
Arseni Lazarevich
Arseni Lazarevich 16 日 前
Will you sacrifice your life for Pakistan?
Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani 17 日 前
Glover via 2nd round submission
andry 17 日 前
Thiago santos primer round...
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia 17 日 前
Glover is a different breed might have to use his jui jitsu in this one cus santos is tough af good match up
ryanmazdaLAX 17 日 前
Holy shit heinisch is a jacked white boy wtf
Nobru Core
Nobru Core 17 日 前
What diet are glover and miocic on? They are glowing!
Side Winder
Side Winder 17 日 前
Glover gon' die. Call tha wambolance.
Kingover 17 日 前
What’s the point of this
Zhang Tse-shan
Zhang Tse-shan 17 日 前
Giga Anik!
strings gb
strings gb 17 日 前
Glovers gonna get beats
murat uz
murat uz 17 日 前
Glover via old man power
J.P.M MMA 17 日 前
2:12 kalid taha the king ❤️🇱🇧
taufan kusuma
taufan kusuma 17 日 前
love both of them.. santos and texeira.. it must be a great fight.. 👍
kiruoful 17 日 前
Glover still #3 after all those years, really ?
kiruoful 17 日 前
@BackPackRapFan Nice 👍
BackPackRapFan 17 日 前
he dropped out of the top 10 like 2 years ago. He’s been climbing back up since then
cattalkbmx 17 日 前
Let's go Trevin!
YeahClickClack 17 日 前
Glover is about to turn into a wrestler,lol.
tajikbay 17 日 前
Elkins is already cut from that stare down.
Addicted Pöoler
Addicted Pöoler 17 日 前
Whose the guy doing faceoffs not dana lately!
Nate 17 日 前
Glover aging like wine.
Arif Lal
Arif Lal 17 日 前
2.35 best scene
F-54 JOSEPH 17 日 前
Wearing mask but shake hands...
Teixeira looked rip
MitchAK 17 日 前
Feel like UFC was inconvenienced by this event. 🥴 weird energy.
make trt great again
make trt great again 17 日 前
2:28 LOL
Trevor Regay
Trevor Regay 17 日 前
Average card this week.... : (
Максим Снегирёв
Максим Снегирёв 17 日 前
Тиаго сантос💪🐺☝️
Saksham Srivastava
Saksham Srivastava 17 日 前
JT 17 日 前
What a shity fight card
cris 14
cris 14 17 日 前
i hate to see either texiera or santos lose, but someone has to lose..
Grant James
Grant James 17 日 前
No stupidness this weigh in the curse stands at 3
Kagemusha08 17 日 前
Pulling for Glover. He's part of that incredible generation of LHWs like Shogun, Rampage and Wanderlei. Even though he's past 40 he isn't nearly as washed up as his contemporaries and is still a solid top 10 guy.
Dalmatinac3 17 日 前
Every ody is fn crazy with these bs masks. Brainwashed people and system controlling the masses. My mom was in icu the other week and the nurse had no mask. Fn bs. Its all bs.
A Khosrowshahi
A Khosrowshahi 17 日 前
Khalid taha is back
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr 17 日 前
Pumped, let’s go!
Hello World
Hello World 17 日 前
Giga needs a ranked opponent.
JL 17 日 前
3:03 LMAO Teixeira's poster profile looks so homely and humble
aron angdembe
aron angdembe 17 日 前
Khalid with the surprise mark my word
Money Line Lalo
Money Line Lalo 17 日 前
Ralph Antony
Ralph Antony 17 日 前
Anik sounds dead.
Oreo-San 17 日 前
imagine if santos tears his knees again this fight
kiwidubz 17 日 前
Bullshit masks ruin every faceoff
Dashoost 17 日 前
00:02 Lopez v Birchak 00:16 Griffin v Brahimaj 00:31 Elkins v Garagorri 00:47 Romanov v De Lima 01:01 Chikadze v Simmons 01:16 Giles v Lewis 01:31 Gadelha v Yan 01:48 Heinisch v Allen 02:02 Barcelos v Taha 02:16 Arlovski v Boser 02:35 Santos v Teixeira
Bnate8 17 日 前
Boser is about to look INSANE
Richard Walsh
Richard Walsh 17 日 前
Glover lookin a little Juicey?
NUWAN Sampath
NUWAN Sampath 17 日 前
he only drinking Green juice.
Frank V
Frank V 17 日 前
Santos is a beast.
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